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    posted a message on Please Help a Desperate Dad to Find Stampys Lovely World on XBox 360.

    Can anyone please help a desperate Dad?

    I need a step by step guide on how to find Stampys Lovely world on XBox 360.

    We have recently bought our 10 year old autistic Minecraft crazy son an Xbox 360 and the Minecraft disc. He is adamant that he should be able to find Stampy's Lovely World in the tutorial, but so far, hasnt been able to. I am not a gamer and am desperately trying to help him and alleviate his anxieties.

    And when I say step by step, I mean very basic please. We have only just bought the Xbox and I am not a gamer!! He has a Live account, but I cant seem to get him to an Online Game (cannot check the box in options) if that is what is required and cannot help him find the Lovely World.

    Please help!!

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    posted a message on Stampy's Lovely World

    Please add me PaisleyMoney896

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