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    posted a message on How do I choose which dimension to end up in, in the infinity snapshot?

    Some are hard-coded in I think, the rest seems to use some sort of random generation similar to how normal Minecraft seeds work as far as I can tell. Why don't you go look at the code to see how it works? Some people in the modding section might be able to get you started in finding that.

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    posted a message on I'm wondering how many of you would watch a Minecraft Movie

    There was a Minecraft movie by the name of Skies of Aurora a while back, and it was pretty decent and a lot of people watched it. Go for it!

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    posted a message on SEUS Shader Glitching with trees and water.

    I'm having the exact same problem and would also like to see an answer! And yeah, sand is very glitchy.


    I let my world sit for a few minutes and everything seems to have fixed itself? Idk what's going on

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    posted a message on Where does your skin originate?

    I tried to mimic my real self. Ironically, it turned out crud, but I really don't care enough to change it right now... Maybe later.

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    posted a message on Easter Egg in Game Files?

    Yup! Those are the words that appear in the enchanting table, except that they are translated into a fictional language in-game. The wiki has some information on this, as well as a lengthy list of all the different references mentioned there.


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    posted a message on The trouble with tribbles ...erm... jar-files

    Dude, you've got yourself turned around. You don't need to mess with Java. There are multiple ways to install a mod, but the easiest and most common way is to use the Forge modloader.

    Go to https://files.minecraftforge.net/ and pick out the Minecraft version the mod is for. Download it, and make sure that Minecraft is closed out when you run the installer or it won't work.

    When it's done, you'll need to find the .minecraft folder. There are a few ways to do this. You can either go to your resource packs menu, click Open Resource Pack Folder, go up one folder layer, and put the mod file (your java file) in the new mods folder that Forge should have created. (Just make sure to exit Minecraft when you're done.) Or if you have a Windows device, you can also press the Windows key and R, then type %appdata% in the box that appears. Find the .minecraft folder, and again, put the mod in the mods folder. (If you have a Mac or Linux, google it. I don't know.)

    Open up the Minecraft launcher and select the new Forge profile that's been made.(Click the green arrow to the right of the play button.) Enjoy your mods!

    (Rarely you'll come across a mod that's a zip file or something. Works the same way.)

    Also, make a new world to play with your mods in. Don't play a modded world in vanilla and vice versa. This can really screw up that world if you're not careful.

    I haven't made a mod myself yet, but I think the reason you think you're having problems with is this: Minecraft for the PC does indeed run on Java. This is why the vast majority of mods are in Java. But because they aren't connected to Minecraft at the moment, they have no idea what to do.

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    posted a message on Is 1.8 completely irrelevant?

    From what I can tell and remember, 1.8 is not fondly remembered by most, especially in the modding community. If I remember the forums correctly at the time, a lot weren't going to make a 1.8 version of their mods because of a large change in how Minecraft was coded, and by the time they'd get it figured out, the next update would come around, so why not just code their mod for later versions?

    I'd say keep trying to find help. SOMEONE out there has to be able to help you.

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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra
    Quote from cardinalland»

    They have less disadvantages, but are also the hardest to get, and cannot be repaired infinitely (as far as I know), so eventually players will have to get new ones.

    I put Mending on my Elytra and just go find a way to get experience every once in a while to repair it.
    Much easier than a huge amount of leather and crazy repair prices.
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    posted a message on Game Crashes upon entering the nether.

    I think it might have something to do with a zombie pigman and maybe fake endstone? Just curious, (If you reload your world and you're still in the overworld) press F3 and look at your coordinates while you're standing near your portal. Divide them by 8, and are those numbers anywhere close to X20, Y76, Z44? Because that's where the error-throwing pigman is.

    I'd say if no one comes along with a better idea, try building a portal really far away from where you are right now (or try re-creating this glitch in creative in a new world) and see if it really was the pigman with the error.

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    posted a message on How To Make Curving Walls?

    There are two very good sites out there that can help with curves. Here's one that does circles and ovals of any size:


    And here's one that does spheres, domes, cones, bezier curves, and the option for either solid or hollow shapes:


    And, as (almost) always, try to make things look realistic. Study the caves in Minecraft and real life, see what they look like, and try to re-create them. Add your own touch, not everything has to be super-real unless that's what you're really going for.

    Here's a pic of a rounded thing that I made a while back. (Before I found these sites. Not like they would have helped with something of that shape anyway...)

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