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    posted a message on Paxterya Season 4 | 1.16.1 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Long-term | NEW MAP ON JULY 18

    Minecraft name:Packlimo[/b]
    Discord name (e.g. TxT#0001):Packlimo#1350[/b]
    Country: UK[/b]
    Tell us about yourself / Why do you want to join: Hi - I'm Packlimo, looking to find a community based vanilla server with like minded people. Played the game since alpha and with covid I'm looking to get into it again. I know there has been so many updates since I last played properly and this nether update with this extra in door time would like to start playing again. I play other games such as ow and cod, watch way to many videos on the most random of things, but yeah. Just looking for a vanilla server with some cool people to talk with and get involved :) I would say if accepted I'd wait for the new map on the 18th however. Wouldn't want to start and one week later everything gone. Unless you're carrying inventories over? P.S You have such a beautiful website, so well done on that! [/b]
    Screenshots of your buildings (optional): Haven't built anything in a while but https://ibb.co/4tsyVdb :) [/b]

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