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    posted a message on Tales of Carpathia: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy RP
    Before I start this application, I'd just like to thank you for being one of the few non-prison RP servers out there.

    MC name: PWK95
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard
    RP experience:

    I haven't been on minecraft for the past year or year and a half so my memory is a bit cloudy. I've played on about 3 RP servers and have been accepted into 2 others that never got started up. There was the mistral city RP server ( not really an achievement there. pretty much anyone was accepted ) , Flames of Perdition ( Nice server and community. shame that everyone was in GMT ) and the third one escapes me at the moment. It was a settlement server.
    As for the other two that never got started, they were called "Plains of Kalagdor" - which failed because the staff couldn't meet a deadline due to updates and some other complications - and "The Islands of Helidan" which i was actually part of the staff but they seemed to abandon the project when it was so close to being done.

    As for real life, I am an avid tabletop (dice) game player. I am currently DMing two DnD groups simultaneously and have played in two other campaigns.

    Character name : Siegmeyer

    Race : Human
    (If at all possible, I'd much rather play a race other than the ones mentioned. If a kobold
    -the reptilian kind of course- is allowed, may I create a new application for him?)

    Age: 34

    Backstory: Siegmeyer is a tough and mighty knight of what he refers to as "The Order".Though he swears the order is real, it is widely accepted that he is completely insane and that the "Order" is actually a figment of his imagination. Though he may be strong and noble, he is woefully overconfident and is rather clumsy so he tends to bite off more than he can chew. As for his younger years, not much is known about that either! Most - if not all - of what is held to be true about Siegmeyer is based solely on speculation and hearsay. Most claim that his mind was all but shattered during the dark years and the change to the current barren wasteland just sent him further off of the edge. Others say that Siegmeyer's memory was destroyed by some evil, malicious magic. However, if you ask Siegmeyer, he'll just tell his age old story of how he was walking along the road when he tripped and smashed his head upon a rock. It is this reason that he never removes his helmet while he isn't resting on a bed or cot. However, for a man shrouded in so much mystery, he is never hesitant to ramble on about himself and the rumors surrounding him; even though he does tend to loose his train of thought.

    Sidenote: If it's not a problem, could you possibly PM me if I get accepted?
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    posted a message on If you want some one for your youtbe series on anything!
    Sure, I'm interested. I do have Dxtory which lets me record but I have yet to find decent video editing software so you may just wind up recording and uploading to the Channel too. If that's all good with you, great!

    Age: 17
    Some background info: My time zone is eastern standard so there may be some scheduling to be done for recording. Also, I do have a channel on youtube but it is for ARMA2. (TFBKunz)
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    posted a message on Hammurabi's thread: A view for a view
    A view for a view, a comment for a comment, some help for some help

    So I realized that many people (myself included) struggle to get views or feedback on the minecraft forums or anywhere in general. So I decided to make this thread to help solve this problem.

    I know I can't watch EVERYBODY's series/videos, but I sure can try. All I ask is that you give my video a peek and maybe (you don't HAVE to) comment on it. Just embed or link your video into your post and I'll give it a look.

    My series (brand new but there's a lot more to come)

    The second episode is currently being uploaded.
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    posted a message on Magical Lets Play of Nix!
    Honors geometry was child'splay. Just wait till you take advanced placement physics ... then you will know what hell is. I shudder to think of the worse classes that that await in college. good vids by the way.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Challenge Series.
    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you have any constructive criticism, don't hesitate!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Challenge Series.
    Explosive challenge part one: "testing the waters"

    Keep in mind that this is only a test. I will try my best to fix the lag and the video size will be larger and I'll probably boost the game volume too.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Challenge Series.
    Hello, potential viewer! I've been rather bored lately and in an effort to find something to do, I've decided to start a Minecraft challenge series.

    So big deal, right? Everyone and their mother has a minecraft series on youtube already. That's absolutely true however these won't be challenges like superhostile, skyblock etc.

    So that's where YOU come into play. I need user submitted challenges in order to start making these videos so just post 'em up in this thread or send me a PM.

    So this is how it will work
    • Challenges must be do-able/possible.
    • That's pretty much it! Just make a goal and make a set of rules for me to follow and I'll do my best to do them. The more difficult the better!
    • Oh, and I will also install any mods that your challenge may need. But I will say that vanilla challenges will take precedence unless I already have the mod installed.
    Mods installed currently:
    • None
    Current Challenge: The explosive challenge. Submitted by: My friend
    • I am to make a two story, smooth stone house with a farm.
    • I cannot mine for materials or find them in chests. They must be acquired through explosions.
    • I am allowed to break materials with tools only if I make a mistake in placement.
    • I am allowed to make weapons to defend myself.
    • The farm must grow pumpkins, melons, and wheat.
    Challenge Queue:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Livestream (survival Island)
    Still seem to be having technical difficulties,my voice isn't being captured. We're going to fix this for tomorrow but for now we're just gonna shut it down.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Livestream (survival Island)
    We were having some technical difficulties. The stream should be up now.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Livestream (survival Island)
    Hey everyone, I know minecraft livestreams are pretty common but me and my friend have started streaming a survival island map. Feel free to stop by this link to watch and chat and stuff. Also, we will be doing challenges that you suggest, Just post it on the forum here. If you get two thumbs up votes (and the challenge is reasonable) we will add it to a list along with your name.

    (More to come?)
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    posted a message on Community Creations - The Banner Contest
    Have to go with Eli354
    Stays true to the minecraft feel. IMO
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    posted a message on Star-Craft Blocks of liberty [Idea/REQ]
    What is it?
    Well, in case you didn't notice from the title, this will be a StarCraft mod for Minecraft. It will give players the abilities of some of the SC2 units as well as have NPCs of those units and buildings.

    Why not?

    When will it happen?
    Never, unless someone wants to be a total boss and make it.

    How does it work?

    • In the world type options --creative, survival, hardcore-- there will be an option for Pro/brotoss, Zerg, and Terran.
    • Protoss will give you abilities such as force field, blink, warp and charge and will give you a recharging shield (at the cost of less health) as well as make you friendly with the protoss NPCs
    • Zerg will give you abilities such as lay creep tumor, burrow, fungal growth and corrupt and will let you move faster on and spread creep as well as make you friendly towards the Zerg NPCs
    • Terran will give you abilities such as sniper round, stim, cloak and concussive shells and will let you create helions to ride on as well as make you friendly to Terran NPCs
    • Blink: Works like an ender eye but can only be used within reach distance and doesn't cost health. There is unlimited use for blink but one must wait for the cooldown.
    • Warp: Works exactly like blink but with unlimited reach so long as you are aiming your mouse at a pylon. Unlimited uses w/ cooldown.
    • Force Field: Creates a temporary three block tall boundary on target area. Costs energy per use but unlimited uses.
    • Charge: Gives a temporary speed boost to player. Unlimited uses w/ cooldown.
    • Lay creep tumor: Places a creep tumor which expands creep. Unlimited w/ cooldowns
    • Burrow: Automatically digs down two blocks deep and so long as the player doesn't move, will regenerate health. Unlimited w/ cooldown.
    • Fungal Growth: Immobilizes enemy and deals damage. Can be seen by a green tinge on affected mobs.Unlimited w/ cooldowns and energy use.
    • Corrupt: Your attacks will do 20% more damage for the next 10 seconds on the target mob. Unlimited w/ cooldowns.
    • Stim: Gives you increased attack speed and damage for a short time at the cost of 2 hearts of health. Unlimited (so long as you have enough health) w/cooldowns
    • Cloak: Makes you invisible for a short time but gradually drains your energy bar. Unlimited uses so long as you have enough energy
    • Concussive shells: Slows down mobs by 50% for 5 seconds. Unlimited w/cooldown
    • Sniper round: Deal 3 times damage on your next hit. Costs energy per use but unlimited uses.
    · Pylon: Has a few protoss units near it and allows a protoss player to warp. Other than that, no other uses.(for now)
    · Supply Depot: Has a few Terran units surrounding it. Other than that, no uses.
    · Cannon: Has a few protoss units near it and shoots at non protoss units/players.
    · Missile turret: Has a few terran units around it and shoots at non terran units/players as well as reveal burrowed/cloaked player.(yes I know its only AA in real game but deal with it)
    · Spore crawler:Has some zerg units near it and will shoot at any non zerg player as well as reveal them if they are cloaked.
    · Eventually the rest of the SC2 buildings with their own purpose (or just for looks)
    · As a zerg player, you will spawn on a place with creep. You will get a 50% speed bonus on it and you can lay creep tumors to expand creep by a 20 block radius.
    · Zerg NPCs will be spawned randomly on the creep.
    · Zerg buildings will only be found on creep.
    · Holding shift will make you move at normal speed.
    Items and Weapons:
    · Terran Rifle: Permits sniper shot crafted. Useless to non terran players
    · Cloak generator: Crafted. Useless to non Terran players
    · Marauder gun: Fires concussive shells. crafted.
    · Sentry core: Crafted. Permits forcefield. Useless to non protoss players
    · Zealot blade: More damage than diamond sword but with slower attack time.Crafted. Useless to non Protoss players
    · Stalker core: Permits blink. Crafted. Useless to non protoss players
    · Pathogen gland: Permits corrupt and Fungal growth.Crafted. Useless to non zerg players
    · Minerals: Dropped by mobs and mined. No idea for use
    · Vespene Gas: obtained when right clicking a geyser(no use yet either)
    · Mineral Block (looks like diamond block but will be the crystal material for pylons)
    · High yield Minerals: Golden minerals. Can only be mined (no use for now)

    · Zealot: Like a zombie but with more damage.
    · Stalker: Like a Skeleton but can blink like an enderman.
    · Probe: Weak attack. Drops minerals. Builds Pylons and other Protoss structures
    · Marine: Like a skeleton but can shoot faster.
    · Marauder: Like a skeleton but shoots slower and slows you.
    · SCV: weak attack, drops minerals. Builds Terran structures at random
    · Zergling: Quick but kinda weak.
    · Roach or Hydralisk :like skeletons but more health
    · Drone: Weak attack, drops minerals, Morphs into buildings. (I have more detailed plans for this)


    Thanks for your time, and I hope you decide to make this mod
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    posted a message on [1.5.2][SSP - SMP] Desperation Food v 6.6 Luxury Magnifying Glass
    Quote from ManselD

    Hmm i like this, but mabye like you make a machine, (powered with eu or blulectric mabye?) that will require a type of cell (like ic2 ones or forestry?) then you put them in a bottom slot and then to make the mineral tablets you need 2 iron ingots and 1 glowstone (Mabye?), then it makes 5 tablets that heal like 1 - 2 hearts each? :)
    Hope you like my suggestions

    That's a good idea but its straying too far from the mod's purpose IMO.
    The point is to get easy quick food to sustain long enough to find real food. I think you should just make the recipes a bit more time consuming. You should have 8 blocks of dirt to one worm or four blocks to a worm (same goes with sand to bugs) therefore its still easy but a tad bit more time consuming to be less useful than finding real food.
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    posted a message on Company of Heroes 2
    Hey guess what? They have an official Website now. Apparently they are scrapping fog of war for line of sight.
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    posted a message on Company of Heroes 2
    Now seeing as this will be the second front they are focusing on, that leads me to the question of:
    Will there be a CoH3 for the Pacific theater? Thats a really far way off but an exciting thought nonetheless.
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