About Me

A big-time gamer, I love finding new things in games, finding out how they work, and working with the physical side of computers, aswell. Ended up teaching myself the basics of how computers work, aswell as some of the Python code language, as my High-school didn't have a Computer Science course...

Will be starting up a Yutube channel at some point, and may (stress on MAY) put the link in here. If not, This sentence will be staying.


I love Penguins, and any kind of reptile (I kinda like turtles, but Bearded Dragons and small snakes are my favorites... So cute! :3).

Also interested in Survival, Exploration and Crafting-based games, such as Space Engineers, Worlds Adrift, and - of course - Minecraft.

Location Not sayin' >;)

Profile Information

Minecraft Don't got one yet... Xbox TrueMCPenguin Steam PTVoltz