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    posted a message on Killed by lava while I was mining diamonds :(

    Today while I was mining diamonds in a cavern I found lava and unfortunately I fell into the lava pool and started to burn. I also died by the lava and dropped and lost MANY items including my enchanted diamond sword, enchanted bow (also the highest enchantable bow), my armor, about 32 diamonds and many iron. The thing that should NOT occur occured. Here is a video when I being killed by the lava:

    What should I do to avoid being killed by lava again? The death think I was very hard to avoid.

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    posted a message on Enchantable arrows ?

    Can we please add an ability to enchant "regular" arrows, not tipped and spectral arrows, to the game that so the arrows can give special effects, and some more, here is the suggested enchants to the arrows:

    • Piercing: As on the crossbow, the arrows could fly through up to 4 mobs and then hits the next mob.
    • Fast Arrow: While shooting an arrow with this enchant, the arrow could shoot faster (faster for every level)
    • Teleport: Where the shot arrow lands would the player be teleported through, only 1 level
    • Blindibility: While an arrow with this mob hits a mob the mob will be blinded for 20 seconds for the level I, then 6 seconds added for every level, up to IV.
    • Instakill: While this arrow hits a mob, the mob will be instakilled, and this enchant would be a treasure enchant.

    Skeletons, pillagers, illussion illagers, and another new mob could be able to spawn with this arrows, and could have 40% chance to drop one enchantable arrow, and the enchantable arrows could be stacked, up to 64, and then be enchanted on the same way on the enchant table and 64 arrows could be able to be enchanted at once.

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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3 (Updated Jan. 13th, 2018)

    Very nice, good, very good, and can be added, very nice :) , i would this be added soon :) :) :) :) :)

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