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Mostly active on the Minecraft Wiki where I are a semi active registered user editing pages and creating new pages there, patrolling recent changes and have made over 500 edits on the wiki. I are also active on Wikipedia, and is currently blocked from editing on indefinite time, but will join it later while i get unblocked by an administrator. I play also Minecraft where my largest job is building train tracks and rails and I are 70% done on it, AND a metropolis with 3 cruise ships, building, spleef area, fighting area/PvP and parkour courses. I also play on the lifeboat server on minecraft, my online username there is psl85. I play most o that server the game Crash on Planet X.

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Playing Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Watch Dogs and other games on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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PSN Philip13765 Twitch PSL85 Nintendo PSL