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    This is my absolute favorite mod! *-* I have a question, as I noticed the older versions have some things the newer versions don't have. For instance, the 1.10.2 version, my dragons don't follow me like other pets do, unless I have a fish in my hand, and it doesn't have that little "menu" thing that displays the dragon's type and health. My dragons also don't fly alongside me when I use an elytra. Are these bugs? Will they be fixed?

    EDIT: I have some suggestions for this mod :v

    Dragon Breath:

    Different types of attacks for different dragon breeds.

    Fire Dragon: Fire breath, similar to a Blaze's fire attacks. Except dealing more damage.

    Ender Dragon: Same as the Ender Dragon Boss, Lingering cloud of purple acid.

    Nether Dragon: Fireball breath, same as the Ghast's fireball attack.

    Aether Dragon: "Laser/Beam attack", basically the same one the Guardians use. Or a cloud of acid, just like the Ender Dragon, except colored blue or yellow. :v

    Forest Dragon: The same as the Ender Dragon Boss, except the cloud of acid could be green.

    Water Dragon: Could be the same as the Guardian's attacks, since both are water-based creatures?

    Ice Dragon: I'd suggest the same cloud as the Ender Dragon Boss, but colored light- blue/white?

    More Dragon Breeds:

    Electric/Thunder Dragon: A dark blue dragon with some "electric" yellow or light blue patterns on it. Or it could be like a cyberpunk-ish dragon. To obtain this dragon from a dragon egg, you could place it around an activated redstone signal?

    Dwarf/Desert Dragon: A small dragon, that grows only to the size of a horse. It could be a brown-ish color. And you could obtain this dragon by putting it next to sand blocks/Cacti.

    Mega/Giant Dragon: A rare dragon that is twice as big as the normal dragon. It would have the texture of an Ender Dragon, except darker. He could be obtained by fostering the egg right next to an end portal. Or a nether portal.

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