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    This is completely correct, you guys think guards are to op. For a reason though, we aren't made to be killed easily or just to pvp. We are now upgraded to become stronger against frees and just to protect defenseless prisoners. You guys act like its unfair though but if you really think about it you can run into non pvp, wimp out, take a jail, live, die. We can't do any of the sort and you guys need to realize we aren't made for you to pvp with us. We are guards not pvp robots. It would be nice to have when guards make mistakes not to hear people yell "ABOOSE", "YOU **** GUARD" etc. We are all humans and make mistakes you don't need to treat us like some lab experiment that is always supposed to work perfectly.

    This is completely true, i am just trying to my job protecting other defence-less players, but always getting trolled but Frees, throwing potions from safe-zones, my job is to not chase a trolling Free around the prison and they make their way to their plot to be home free, instead of trying to kill the trollers, i could be trying to save another C prisoner trying to escape from another player, but no, i gotta baby-sit these butt hurt Frees that cant kill me, I am not OP, Froot was nice enough to give me a High Sharp Sword to handle the Frees, and ive been doing a good job at it, after that, it was easy getting a sword for my own to use for later, I am not able to remove my chainmail armor and use other armor, I use negative potions to handle OP Frees, and you guys keep complaining using them on you guys, I use them on people who are trying to gang up on me, It is not my fault if you get caught in my negative pot splashes, i throw them at the offender, if you get effect, i am sorry but u need to see whats going on and avoid it, Negative pot splashes are also illegal and also swords and u guys dont complain when i dont use my sharp fire swords. also people who yell "Aboose" for people who get in the way of my bow and arrow shot, thats ur own fault, i am aiming at the offender whose running away, not you. I am doing my job to defend the weak players, i am not trying to be the strongest player in the server, you guys cant be mad at me for killing you guys all the time, but before the chainmail armor, you guys killed me on-sight always, i could never get my job done, now with protection III armor, i can be more prepare to handle an OP player killing everyone in the C-Foyer. Yes I know I've done some mistakes, i Admit, each time i accidently hit or kill a player, I always tell them im sorry and try to give their items back or give them some BP to make sure their hard work dosent go to waste. There are some of you frees that always try to kill me but some other player tries to kill you and I always defend you guys, Half of you guys dont even say thank you....
    I am not your enemy, im only doing my job, I can be a really nice guy, but you Frees only get to see the bad side of me cuz of you guys always fighting against me.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day
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