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I am from Saint Paul Minnesota and was born in 1982. I live with my wife, 3 kids. I love building and working on pcs. I used to collect counsel systems but now I could never go back. I write poetry, I have 5 books published, I am an ex-tattoo artist, and now make my images digitally. I have done schooling for computer programming, with a bachelors in computer science, and networker, after getting a scholarship for cisco systems back in high school. I am also the owner of 651 Records LLC, and were meny hats for my company but my heart is just to make music! You can check me out at I got into Minecraft because I could create stuff, being an artist I loved that and then finding out about java coding I dove into that as well.


I am an artist I used to be a tattoo guy for years and then I went into the computer biz and do audio, photos, videos, and all the online stuff for my church.

Location Saint Paul Minnesota

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