About Me

About me:

age: 14


gender: male

nicknames: chips, A00000A, paper.

More about me:

games: minecraft, portal 2, slender, terraria, scott pilgrem vs the world.

bands: the frey, anberlin, jet, the killers, muse.

movies: the cat in the hat, inception, POTC 1 2 3, Xmen origeons.


MAC/Apple/IOS, music, movies, games, TV shows, friends, pie, tobuscus, pewdiepie, MCPE podcast, Team Serperior, your face, zombies.


Windows computers, "budder", Skydoesminecraft, angry birds (hate that game), haters, dying, um.........



Wild is a great guy who has helped me along the forums. He is a great friend and an awesome artist. He has made many maps, good ones as well!

Thank you Wild.


MCman is a fun loving guy and a great map maker. My skills and talents are no match to this guy. I'm happy he joined the forums.

Thanks bro!


I recantly met Crazy on the forums. He is a great guy, but he kills cakes....... cakes, why? why?? WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!


Rubik is a great kid. I have known him for a while now and am lucky to be his friend.

He is a Good map maker and redstone alt person.


The leader of team serperior. He is a great guy and a great leader. Thank you for letting me on the team serperior. You are my hero. (if i can say that without sounding gay)



Khooplah is the first person to inspire me to make maps. He is an awesome map maker and an amazing friend. Yoosa da best Khoopla!


Shifter is the reason I joined the forums in the first place. I rally dont talk to him much so I dont really know what to say..... Your amazing man!


A fun, imature, creative, loved by all guy. IAbstract is a great guy who insperied me to continue on the forums. Thanks for everything Abstract!


The creator of the famous MCPE Podcast and an awesome map maker.

Also a great redstone alternative maker.

I hope someday to appear on the Podcast.

Also thanks for making it (MCPE Podcast) as now I have something to listen to whilst building my maps!

Follow me on Twitter: Paperchips!

Thanks for visiting my profile! be sure to check back as i'll be updating these facts every now and then!

Have a pie!

Interests everything!

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