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    First things first, this is not some sort of joke or theory it's all genuine. If you can explain to me what it is I would be very very grateful.

    Before I start just one thing; their were no texture packs, mods, edits or anything other than the new snapshot, the mob/thing I encounter may just be a new mobs I haven't heard of yet or something like that so don't mess around of troll me please.

    I downloaded snapshot 12w04a, chose hardcore gamemode, then went on the seed wplk0o8d8n (just something random I typed down.) I spawned in a field with a jungle near, I began punching trees, collecting dirt, making a crafting bench, looking for the new Ocelot mobs, it was a bit of a small jungle, after a while I got bored and began to explore outside the jungle.

    After a hour or two I had lots of things like string, lapis lazuli, cobblestone. I finally came to a snow biome, the in-game time was sun fall, I wanted to find a cave to get shelter and to place my bed for the night, when I found something I couldn't really explain, three pieces of redstone dust. I had no clue how the redstone dust got there.

    So immediately I explored the possibilities earlier I had made a small mob trap using redstone so I thought maybe an Enderman had taken it their, but the fact that this was a new chunk ruled out the possibility or that.

    I admitted in the end it was probably a glitch and found a cave quickly. Like I had wanted it was small so I filled it with torches and blocked it off with wooden planks, the place was well lit no mobs were inside either.

    When suddenly it happened. I was about to go to bed when suddenly so quickly. I died.

    I shrieked when it happened, it wasn't my health rapidly going down, just one hit killed me. What made me cry out was at the last moment a white line covered the screen for a second, it resembled a torso.

    When I died from shock and the fact that I had lost everything as well as my location, I deleted the world.

    Afterwords I wondered what had hit me, first, it made no sound at all not even underfoot. I quickly tried to figure out what mob it could have been, a Snow Golem certainly did not fit the description other than being white, what did appear
    was quite long and thin, but it did make some sense if there was an Enderman in the area, I have heard of Enderman made Snow Golems as well as placing redstone. But once again a Snow Golem cannot kill you instantly.

    Same thing that removed a skeleton from the list and a sheep.

    Two reasonable theory are that, at the time my computer was seriously lagging (which it was) and I accidently when walking forwards pressed Q therefore dropping redstone but not realizing because of my lagging computer, when I entered the cave my could have been attacked by a mob like a skeleton but the lag was so bad it killed me all at once.

    Another theory is that I had once again accidently dropped redstone and when I was in the cave may have mistakenly drunk poison but I had no potions at the time.

    Remember, no mods or texture packs, tell me what you think could have happened in the comments.
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    posted a message on stupidest ways to die
    Quote from LtGenSpartan

    Mine :obsidian: with everything on me with tons of lava around.....
    Why can't you faggots come up with something original?
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    posted a message on What do you do if you find a griefer griefing you?
    /msg greiferdude12 Stop! We're on the same side! :D
    Quote from KooalaBear123

    TNT, TNT, and more TNT. ^_^

    That would just help him greif you.
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    Quote from Hedy101

    please help im waiting

    Looks like he trolled you, xD
    Well, I don't really know much about this stuff but have you tried force updating?
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    Notch for President!
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    Quote from Sko

    Download the latest launcher, go to ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft and delete the /bin folder. Start Minecraft, log in and a new /bin folder including minecraft.jar will be downloaded.
    Or.... Click options in the launcher and select "Force Update" And it might still be in your Recycle Bin if your on Windows
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    How are people this stupid?
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    BUT THEN. Just as he's ready to receive it. He realizes. IT'S ALL A SETUP! Then they dump Pig's Blood on him!
    He get's so mad. That he decides to completely stop ALL Minecraft development. And then he doesn't allow anyone to play it ever again!
    And that's the end of Minecraft folks.
    On topic: Congrats xD
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    This was my favorite ^ xD
    Other names I liked. v
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    Is this for PE or PC?
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    posted a message on Whats the derpiest thing you've ever done in Minecraft?
    I dress up... As Derpy.
    Mistook an Admin village for a NPC Village. (We destroyed all the blocks)I dress up... As Derpy.
    Mistook an Admin village for a NPC Village. (We destroyed all the blocks)
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    Lol, This happens to me all the time.
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    posted a message on To those who think people who play MC cracked are bad people...
    Quote from lordzed


    Accept it, you're stealing. Stop trying to justify it and just admit it, you are stealing.

    Can't afford $20 for a game?
    Then bad luck you don't get to play
    I can't afford the Delorean remake getting re-released next year, so your suggesting I should steal one form the manufacturer? I can't afford it so what I'm doing isn't wrong I wanted it.

    Parents think its a waste of money to pay this much for a game?
    Then buy it with your own money, don't have the money? see previous answer.

    3.)Some people don't have internet at their house, and cannot play?
    This one makes no sense... I own it legally and can play it on multiple computers (not at once, well I could but I don't need to). If someone cannot play it why buy/pirate it...

    I'm not going to argue on the validity of piracy, you can do whatever you want, but don't tell some sop story and trying to justify what your doing and claim what your/others are doing isn't wrong. Hell you admit that you could buy minecraft with 1/4 of one weeks income but instead you choose to continue pirating.

    Another reason #3 Doesn't make sense: If they don't have internet at their house. How did they find out about it?
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