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    posted a message on Terraria V.S.Minecraft

    These games are not comparable. I play them both, and I like them both. It seems silly to compare them... like a poll as to which is better, Fish or Bicycles.

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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating

    I am sure that at first the plug-in API on the Win 10/PE version of MC will probably be fairly restrictive, but I suspect eventually it will blossom into something that allows for greater complexity, if there is interest.

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft actually bad now?

    Change is life, thank goodness things change.

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    posted a message on How do YOU feel about the Minecraft sounds?

    I miss some of the old sounds, but for the most part I don't have any problem with the new ones.

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    posted a message on Making Polonium was a great idea. . .

    Yikes! Remind me not to let you buy me a drink! :-)

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    posted a message on CITY BUILDINGS

    Parking Garage

    Gas Station

    Restaurant (Many Types)
    Art Gallery


    City Park / Garden / Arboretum
    Bus Terminal
    Convention Center
    Research Lab
    Harbor & Piers
    Sports Arena
    City Hall
    Apartments / Condos
    Historic Buildings

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    posted a message on Is there a way to import a world from Minecraft PC (1.10.2) to Minecraft:Windows 10 Beta?
    Quote from Geneo»

    I don't think it's as simple as some are making it out to be. For instance, some think a "converter program" would simply change "Item ID number X to Item ID number Y". But what if there is no "Y"? What if Win10 doesn't have that Item yet (like command blocks, shulker boxes or stained glass), or the PC doesn't have a (newer, but different) Item that Win10 does? Then what's a poor converter program to do?

    We're just talking about converting the "data" from one world file to another. But what about mob behavior? For instance, currently villagers can plant crops in the PC version, but not in Win10. That's in the actual programming, which a "data converter" won't get involved with.

    Until the two programs are "just alike" (which won't happen), I don't think you'll be happy with the results from any "conversion" program. Personally, I wouldn't hold your breath.

    Having written database migrations for years, I can say the concerns you are raising are irrelevant. If the java version has a block X that the Win10 version doesn't have, you simply choose a new ID or don't bring that block over. Say "cracked brick" doesn't exist in Win10... fine bring it over as regular brick -- these are not hard problems. All data migrations have these sorts of issues, the developers just have to agree on what the conversions will be. No conversion is perfect, but any conversion is better than nothing at all.

    Who cares about mob behavior? That's an aspect of the code, not the data. If the villagers don't farm in Win10, it doesn't mean you can't convert the data files, you just end up with a farm that the villagers ignore (just like they used to in older versions of MC.)

    EDIT: BTW a quick google search reveals there are already converters out there.

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    posted a message on Any "older" folks play Minecraft?
    Quote from Mumbot»

    I'm 52 and have been playing Minecraft since April 2011. I've loved games all my life and have played a variety of video and computer games, but Minecraft is the game I always return to. I can get extremely frustrated with different restraints when playing other games these days (ie can't go everywhere, can't interact with everything, forced down a storyline you don't want to follow in that exact order and so forth).

    Before I started my own snapshot server back in 2013, I played on a few multiplayer servers. Oftentimes I just met people being amazed at an adult actually gaming and thinking it pretty cool or at least just fine. But I did also encounter some ageism, which left me a bit chocked and saddened. Some of the kids were extremely upset that not only an older person but on top of everything a MOTHER would play games. They'd say it was disgusting and that I should know better and have better things to do than play games. It left me mostly sad for the kids and their mothers to be honest.

    Our community now consists of people of various ages, some my age, some in their twenties and two young teens (my daughter and her friend). I feel that the game lends itself well to establishing long term friendships in small communities online and I'll never regret the day my daughter talked me into buying our first account :D .

    That was a heartwarming testament. :-)
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    posted a message on Elevator Blocks/Platforms

    Allow me to build a platform (say, from 2x1 up to 5x5) that has two redstone inputs "up" and "down". The 'input' block can be a single block type which is directionally placed. Platform cannot be made of anything a piston cannot move.

    When the platform is stationary, if the up input receives a signal, the platform begins to rise at a rate of 1 block per second. Any players, chests, or shulker boxes on it are carried up with it. The platform stops moving when it (a) receives a redstone signal on any input, (b) makes contact with the bottom of any block, or (c) a chest or shulker box on it makes contact with the bottom of any block.

    Mirror this behavior for the down input.

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    posted a message on Modded survival project ideas

    At the risk of being called out for repeating myself. Let your world tell a story. Okay you built a small farm, house, and mine... but who lives there? Who is that person? Do they have family? Are there rooms for everything a typical family would need? (Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining area, reading/art/study/living room, pantry/storage, wine cellar/root cellar? Attic?) Does the farm have livestock? So is there a barn? Do you have hay stored up? Silos to store wheat and other crops?

    Is this family part of a community? Have you built the community? Who are the people in it? What are their stories? What's special about this community, what would make it interesting? (There are vampires living among the citizens, or they recently came through a horrible plague, or everyone in the village is blind, or is a super genius, or gearing up for a war with some neighboring community that you need to build...)

    If you focus on the story, the story will tell you what to build. When the story doesn't tell you anything more, then maybe it's time to pick a new character in the community and start telling their story, the next door neighbor is a nuclear physicist? Awesome... time to build a nuclear power plant...

    And so forth. Grab a notebook as you introduce characters and story elements and write them down, so you have a growing list of things to return to for more inspiration.

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    posted a message on Village in Deep Ocean Biome?

    How cool is that! I've seen villages on beaches that extend out into the ocean, but never one in deep ocean. Cool find! Waterworld...

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    posted a message on Should I use dark oak or spruce wood for my castle?

    Dark oak can be a little too dark sometimes, you might be better off with spruce and use dark oak for accents around the structure.

    Watch out for lightning man...

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    posted a message on Any "older" folks play Minecraft?

    I'm 49, be 50 this year... here's hoping my wife doesn't trade me in for two 25's.

    I play unmodded vanilla minecraft survival, very little multiplayer. Big believer that a minecraft world should tell a story.

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    posted a message on Island Survival Ideas

    Hey there, so I have been developing a "castaway" story line in my survival let's play, and I am looking for ideas/suggestions on where to take the story. What I've done so far:

    Episode 1: spawned on a tiny island with an ocean monument in the distance, hatched the story idea that the island is inhabited by a castaway who crash landed his single engine plane there after being zapped by ocean monument guardians. Island is part of a tiny archipelago, explored surrounding islands.

    Episode 2: added more story details, landscaped a portion of the island where the castaway's bungalow will be built, tamed a dog for the castaway.

    Episode 3: built an "underground resource center" under the main island where I am doing the farming/crafting/storage needed to sustain me (the storyteller/builder) but which is not part of the castaway's experience. Externally is appears to be a test-mineshaft for a mining company that long since left the island.

    Episode 4: built the castaway's bungalow.

    Episode 5: nether run to acquire materials for future projects.

    Episode 6: construct the castaway's "signal tower" on top of the island, which he uses to try an attract ships or planes so he can be rescued.

    Episode 7: remove all trees from the island and replace them with palm trees.

    Episode 8: landscape the south side of the island and build the castaway's crashed plane there.

    Episode 9: add a water feature to the island - a waterfall which periodically drops fish and other items.

    Episode 10: capture and cure a zombie villager and move him to the bungalow to be the castaway.

    Episode 11: expand the under ground resource center into an abandoned secret lab under the island, build the green level and the yellow level. Develop story line explaining why the lab is abandoned.

    Episode 12: build a crystal cave with a pirate treasure under/behind the waterfall from episode 9.

    Episode 13: start the "red level" for the secret lab, where specimens are kept. Capture an ocean guardian and a skeletal horse as the first two specimens.

    Episode 14: work continues on the secret lab, add more specimens (squid are a PAIN to capture) build out the secret sub bay.

    Episode 15: remodel one of the neighboring islands as a volcano which periodically erupts, spilling lava down the sides.

    Episode 16: remodel the other neighboring island with palm trees and giant "moai" heads. At this point all visible features from the main island appear to be tropical, making the tropical illusion complete no matter which direction you look in.

    Episode 17: final work on the secret lab, complete the red level and add the blue level, add the last two specimens.

    Episode 18: add "ghosts" to the island with the giant heads (a.k.a. the silent watchers) which appear randomly, and only at night.

    Episode 19: start work on a sunken pirate ship in the cove just west of the castaway's bungalow.

    Episode 20 (in post-production): complete work on the sunken pirate ship.

    Episode 21: not yet recorded, thinking maybe a "recap" episode where we review what has happened so far.

    Which brings me to where I am. I'm trying to think of what else I could build that would be tropical themed that fits the story of a castaway stuck on an island. But having built all the things listed above, right now I can't think of anything else. I mean I suppose I could build a seamonster of some kind lurking near the island, or end the story here by building the submarine that rescues the castaway and then move on to a new location with a new story. Or maybe something interesting washes up on the beach, that the castaway can do something with. Hmm. Other possibility is to follow the elements of the story to new locations like where did the scientists who worked in the lab go? Go there and start building and fleshing out their story. Who built the moai? What else have they built, are they still around, go there and do the same. Pursue the story of the pirates who left the treasure and lost their ship, perhaps their exploits touch some other locations on the world, go there and etc.

    I could do that but I think I would like to stay with my castaway for awhile longer. Any other deserted island props or story ideas spring to mind? Or have I pretty much covered it at this point?

    Sorry for the rambling post. I'm brainstorming.

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    posted a message on Cool Minecraft Usernames! :)


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