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    posted a message on Elementos - Semi-Vanilla | Towns | Discord | White-list | 1.12

    Name or Nickname: Cowboy
    In Game Name: OverworldCowboy
    Introduce yourself and tell us something about you: I've been playing Minecraft for a few years now on and off, but I mostly play games on console such as Smite, Destiny, Rainbow Six Siege. I'm not the most creative builder or redstone user, but I still enjoy my simple builds and the adventure that comes from the process of gathering supplies and building.

    Are you over the age of 18? Yes, I'm 20

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    posted a message on PlatinumCraft: Whitelisted Vanilla Survival server looking for new recruits. Apply now!!

    Haha, I saw the name platinum craft and thought it looked familiar. I like the name.

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    posted a message on {SilverCraft} Vanilla Gameplay Community Server With New World, Bringing “The Good Ole Feel” back to MC -HermitLike-

    In Game Name (IGN): OverworldCowboy

    Preferred Name: Don't have one

    Language: English

    Discord (Please include your 4 digit number. Ex: ChickenRat#5326): OverworldCowboy#1271

    Location/Timezone: North Carolina, EST

    Age: 20

    How much time can you contribute to the server per week?: Not too sure with work, but I can probably put in a few hours on my off days. With an hour here and there on work days.

    How can you specifically contribute to the server?: I'm not the greatest builder or redstone user but I'm happy to help out other server members with any items they may need or any advice that I have to offer on. So I guess I can contribute as being a friendly server member.

    What is your favorite thing to do out of Minecraft?: I most enjoy going to get seafood along the beach in my city and catching a movie.

    Do you watch youtube? If so, who?: A little, a few years back I watched lots of Keralis and some Mumbo Jumbo.

    Tell us a bit about you as a person: I'm a pretty laid back person overall and can be a bit reserved sometimes and I've been gaming on console since the Halo 3 days. Lately I play a bunch of Smite with some Destiny and Rainbow Six mixed in.

    Why do you want to join this community?: I want to join this community so I can introduce one of my friends to a fresh close community for his first Minecraft PC experience.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: I most enjoy traveling through the wild till I find the perfect build spot and just enjoying the aspect of non-stressful building and communication that you can't find with most games these days.

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