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    Even through I've only been playing on this server for a short time, it is quite a nice server. The staff have been amazingly helpful and have answered my questions with little delay. The custom generated world is also amazing, and sometimes seems to good to build on. Overall, I would recommend this server.
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    Quote from FuzzyBlues
    I wonder though: Could MS hold up cert on TU12 just to mess with Mojang/4J? I've seen more juvenile behavior from MS in the past and the timing of this announcement makes me worry. I want my jungles NOW darnit!

    Microsoft could, but I don't think it would seem like a viable idea to them, especially once the PS4/PS3 version is released.
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    To my knowledge, 4J Studios has 18 employees. I'm not sure if this is one office or not, but it may slow the release of updates.
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    You can download Minecraft as many times as you like with a premium account, so you do not have to buy/create a new account to download the game again onto a new computer/user. Through if you want to have a different username for the computer/user you will have to buy Minecraft again. Unless you intend on having a second Minecraft username for the new computer user, you do not have to repurchase Minecraft.

    Edit: Do you mean the user profiles in the 1.6.2 launcher? If so, you do not need to, unless you want a different username within Minecraft itself.
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    I'm not much of an expert on this, but it probably is an issue with Java or one of the game files (liblwjgl.jnilib) not being able to load. I'd recommend trying to do what xXMCPro said. I hope this is helpful.
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    [b]Out-Of-Character Information[/b]

    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible,
    and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: Overland98

    How old are you?: 15

    Time-Zone: GMT +10

    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: Yes, I have read and
    agreed to the rules.

    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: I have little
    experience in online role-playing.

    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: The Minecraft Forums

    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server: I
    have not made any previous applications.

    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then
    please do so (link above): Yes, I will shortly after posting this.

    Have you read the Human lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it
    and follow it in your biography?: Yes, I shall.


    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any
    definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: Role-playing is act of playing a character and pretending
    to be them instead of you. This is accomplished by acting, reacting, talking
    and, thinking as if you are your character.

    Meta-gaming: Meta-gamming is the use of out of character information in
    your character, thus giving the character an advantage over others. An example
    would be that Player1 sees a Player2’s nameplate through the wall, Player1 then
    begins to role-play as if his character also knows that Player2 is there.

    Power-emoting: Power-emoting is using emotes that are either over
    powered or give another character no chance to react. An example would be ‘Character
    1 stabs Character 2, killing him.’

    [b]In-Character Information:[/b]

    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Devon Hunter Overland

    Current Age: 24

    Sub-race (if any): Northerner

    Past / History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long): Devon was born on the 11th of the seed of The Amber Cold in the city
    of Dresden, Hanseti were his parents were lumberjacks. His parents moved to the
    fields of Solace when he was two years old due to his parents wanting to learn
    to farm in a milder climate than Hanseti. His parents were Devon Overland Senior
    and Ruby Overland. He had a brother and two sisters, they were named Leif,
    Huntress and, Dawn respectively. He was eldest of the four and Dawn was the
    youngest, who was named after the Queen of Salvus during The War on The Undead.
    Devon helped as much as he could on the farm. Nonetheless he never was
    interested in it and decided to go and craft items out of wood to make up for
    his part of the family income. Much of his early life was spent staying around
    that farm

    One year during the seed of
    The Great Harvest, a new family moved in nearby to work on the same fields as his
    family did. They were a family of Elves, who no matter what Devon asked they
    wouldn’t say where they came from. There were 3 members of their family, the
    father was named Averir, the mother was named Iheiu and, the son was named
    Sirame. Devon became good friends with Sirame as he also preferred to do other
    things besides farming where possible.

    Sirame introduced him to
    sport of archery, which then Devon started to learn how to fletch arrows so he
    and Sirame could have competitions against each other. Much to Devon’s dismay
    Sirame almost always won. Devon never used his bow to kill many animals as
    Sirame didn’t like to, but some days he would go out into the plains outside of
    Solace with his brother, Leif to hunt for the local fauna. He made a good
    amount of Minas by doing hunting and he saved up to buy a small dagger to skin
    and collect meat from the animals which he killed.

    Sometimes Sirame and Devon
    would run out into the plains and wheat fields that surrounded Solace. On a
    couple of occasions they would stay out for days and forage for food in wherever
    they could see something that was edible. They never strayed very far and within
    a few hours of looking, their parents would drag them both back to their homes.

    As Devon was getting older
    he continued to do little heavy work or farming. He still liked to craft things
    out of wood and made several wooden swords for his poor attempts to be good
    with a sword. Sirame and he continued to do archery competitions and both were
    now pretty even matches for each other. Even Devon’s brother Leif would sometimes
    join in their competitions.

    A few years later both Devon’s and Sirame’s
    families had moved to Dresden, Hanseti to try and farm in the hard, rocky soil there.
    Devon began to work as a lumberjack while in Hanseti while Sirame continued to
    help with farming which both families were still doing. Devon wasn’t a good
    lumberjack as he often misaimed the axe and hit a different part of the tree. The
    snow was cold, the wind was cold and, the water was cold. Devon wished he could
    stay outside and practice archery whenever he felt like it but now, he had to
    wear thick clothes and he couldn’t do it at night when it got very, very cold.
    Devon continued to hack away at trees and tried to build his weakness so he
    could use a sword or an axe. Sirame stopped doing archery competitions with
    Devon, as he now did old jobs around the area for most of the day and sometimes
    late into the night.

    Then the time came when all
    the nations of Asulon travelled to Elysium and later, Kalos. Devon, nearly in
    his 16th year, settled on Elysium with his family and Sirame’s family. He was
    nearly old enough to find his own way in the world and he wanted to leave his
    family’s house.

    Devon and Sirame started to
    travel from town to town finding work and returning to their homes every week
    or so. There so many chickens everywhere, sometimes even Devon tripped into the
    flocks. These massive flocks of chickens also provided the pair with Minas as
    Devon would often shoot many arrows into the flocks trying to score a few of

    In Devon’s 17th year he
    moved on to Kalos along with Sirame. Both of them did odd jobs around the
    settlements there. They spent many a year doing just that. Until the day a land
    was discovered.

    was going onto the boats towards the new land. Sirame decided to head back to
    Elysium to be with his family. Devon, On the other hand decided to stay in
    Kalos and leave from there. He wasn’t too happy about having to move from place
    to place for the second time and hoped he could make his way in the new land.

    Ambitions for the Future:[/b] Devon wants to learn how to fight properly as he very little
    experience with swords. He also wants to see Sirame and his family again and hopes
    he will be able to find them in Anthos.

    Personality:[/b] Devon is a kind and self-sacrificing person to his friends regardless
    of their race, he tries to help them if he can. Otherwise he is shy when
    meeting new people, unless they have things in common. He also attempts to
    avoid fights where possible. Due to Sirame's influence on him, he often greets
    people with the word ‘Hail.’

    Skills:[/b] Devon is an adept user of the bow. He can also craft things out of wood
    with relative ease. However, he is not good with melee weapons or heavy labour
    such as mining. He can also read quite well, but does not often write as he is
    a novice at it.

    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin):[/b]Devon is quite slender with a height of about 5’10
    feet. Due to him not done very much heavy work in his life, he has little
    strength. His hair is rather dark for a Northerner, leading many to believe
    that he has a small quantity of Southeron blood in him. He often wears a black
    shirt and some old, grey, rugged trousers which he has had for many years.

    Any other details you wish to share about your character:[/b] Devon often carries around his small dagger that
    he bought in Solace as he uses it to carve wood and hunt.


    Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the
    event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.


    [b]1. Whilst in the mighty human capital you notice a dark-clothed figure stealthily making his way towards
    the Emperor’s palace - he is clearly up to no good. There are guards within shouting distance - what do you do?[/b]

    Answer: Devon stands there for a second
    and walks up to a guard nearby and after managing to gather confidence to speak
    he says “Hail, There’s a strange looking man going up to the palace, I’m not
    sure if he is up to good.”

    The guard investigates the
    area and turns back at Devon and says in a voice with a slightly angry tone “What
    man? Are you trying to trick me?”

    Devon turns around and
    looks for the man again. He turns back, failing to see him anywhere. He then
    goes on to say “I must be seeing things, sorry for wasting your time’ and
    continues on towards the gate.

    Devon walks towards the
    palace to go and see if he was hiding in the area surrounding it. He looks
    around, trying to find him and doesn’t see the elusive man. He goes on to
    mutter to himself “I must be seeing things.”

    Just after muttering to
    himself he hears the groan of a guard and he runs back. He sees the man who
    just took out a guard in a poorly lit area. Devon shouts “GUARDS!” The man
    notices him and tries to run off as the guards get to scene.

    Devon, now standing with
    the same guard as before says “I guess I’m not seeing things then” and walks
    off to the gate, having a new story to tell in the many shops in Kingston.

    [b]2. Whilst wandering in the deep oak forest you come across a large clearing, in which sits a small cobbled cottage. Outside it stands an unstable old man armed with a small iron blade, surrounded by two heavily armed bandits - they appear to be threatening him. You are armed with leather armour and an iron longsword, how do you react?[/b]

    Answer: Devon tries to sneak up on the
    people by carefully placing each foot slowly on the ground. He walks over to a
    nearby log and listens intently what they saying.

    “Give us your money, you
    old man.”

    “N- No… Just leave me in

    “You have one more chance,
    now bring us it!”

    Devon, hearing all this
    talk decides to walk away carefully, hoping to not get involved. The next
    moment Devon finds himself face first in the ground and his new longsword
    hitting a rock after he tripped on a exposed root. He pulls himself back up and
    looks back at the cabin. Now the bandits are staring at him and their faces
    look unimpressed.

    “Great…” Devon thinks to
    himself, unsure of what to do.

    “Come here you” says one of
    the bandits as they walk towards Devon, with their weapons drawn.

    Devon attempts to lift
    himself up and run as fast as he can, it was too late the bandits were already
    quite close. He knew he was going to have to fight.

    Devon picks up his
    longsword and holds it to his left side, preparing to execute some sort of
    attack. The first bandit came with his iron broadsword. Devon attempts to swing
    his sword as hard as he could to try and hit the bandit. The sword swings right
    past the bandit and hits a part of the bandit’s left wrist. Devon attempts to
    swing his sword up and over his head to strike the bandit’s head.

    Devon now swinging the
    sword over his head decides to let go of it and try to run away. The sword hits
    one of bandit’s shoulders lightly and Devon sees his chance to escape. He
    doesn’t look back as he runs back onto the road and as far away from the
    clearing as possible.

    [b]3. You are standing within the mighty human capital when you notice a small man standing behind
    a colourful stall. You approach the stall and notice that the man is selling a variety of general goods - he says that he is selling just about anything and that he has no set prices. He is willing to allow you to haggle and choose prices. What do you do? (Explain: your haggling, items of choice and the discussion that happens).[/b]

    Answer: “Hail there, what do you have
    for sale?” Devon spoke responding the Dwarf’s words.

    “I have many goods for
    sale, which I want to get rid of” The dwarf replied “yer can haggle or pick a
    price if ye want.”

    Devon was interested in the Dwarf’s stock and
    he looks for something to buy. He sees some arrows but, not ordinary arrows. He
    then inquires “What about those arrows? They look like they are well crafted.”

    “Ther’ iron arrows used in war, quite strong
    and reusable. I have had them since I lived in the Kingdom of Urguan” The Dwarf

    “Ok, how much for them?”
    Devon responded.

    “60 Minas for 10” The Dwarf

    “How about 45?”




    “What about 49 Minas?”

    The Dwarf pauses for a
    moment and begins to speak “It’s a deal then,” now going over to grab the
    arrows “I guess a single Mina isn’t much difference.

    Devon puts his hand is his
    pocket to retrieve the Minas and hands them over to the Dwarf while the ten
    arrows were passed in the opposing direction. Devon farewelled the Dwarf with a
    wave and begun his trek back to his home city of Kingston.
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