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    posted a message on Dave's Adventure Modpack -WHITELISTED- (15/16 Players) 1.7.10 With some awesome mods and teams layed out!

    This still active? If it is, here's my application.

    IGN (In Game Name): OverheatCN

    Age (there's no age restriction): 15

    Discord: [email protected]

    Discord Code: Don't know what this means

    Timezone: Pacific Timezone

    Mail (optional):

    How long have you been playing modded: 2 years, on and off

    If you could choose on what team you could be on, which one would you choose?: Vrohst, it has a cool name lmao

    Secret Word: Dave's Ad

    Did you understand all the rules?: Yep

    How active would you be on Weekdays: An hour probably at minimum

    How active would you be on Weekends: I can play however much I want but also an hour minimum

    Why do you want to Apply?: I love modpacks and pvp combined

    What mod would you like to get on to?: Ars Magica 2

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