About Me

Amateur modder, scripter, modeller (Blender is my go-to program), texture artist (SAI/GIMP/Pixlr are my tools of the trade), game designer (I'm a Roblox dev haha) and college student (computer engineering).

As for Minecraft itself, I'm also an avid Redstone engineer, builder and PvP'er.  ...  Essentially a jack of all trades at the cost of spreading myself too thin I suppose.


-Minecraft (It goes without saying, but it's therapeutic after  all)

-Subnautica (The opposite of therapeutic, but fascinating nonetheless)

-Clone Hero (I've played Guitar Hero games for about a decade)

-Dragon Ball (Couldn't you tell by my old name? The dead meme?)

-Fortnite (Never opt for voice chat. Just don't.)

-Roblox (As stated above, I am a dev for the platform. I've managed to gather a small following, and have a projects in the works.)

Location Redwood, Lythimos

Profile Information

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