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    -A Classic CTM Map for Modern Minecraft-

    Monumental is a Complete the Monument map for modern Minecraft, inspired by the great collection of classic CTM maps of versions past. Monumental aims to recreate the experience of old-school Minecraft CTM maps, while still embracing the wonderful new features the game has to offer. It uses no custom mob values or edited spawners, and even command blocks are used sparingly, ensuring that anything you have to fight in Monumental will behave exactly as you would expect.


    While Monumental uses minimal command blocks and custom spawners in regular gameplay, it does require command blocks to be enabled in order to work. If you find yourself stuck on a large invisible platform above the map, please ensure command blocks are enabled on your world or server.


    [1.14]Monumental Download

    Due to the unreliability of Mediafire, issues may arise with the download link from time to time. If the provided download button repeatedly instructs you to generate a new kew, wait a few minutes before trying the download again. If the download succeeds but produces a zip file with no contents, leave a reply on this page noting the issue.

    Map Details:

    - 1-4 Players

    - Command blocks must be enabled

    - Compatible with Minecraft 1.14+

    Map Credits:

    - Created by Outski and Salted_Chip

    - Additional input and testing from Canvas_Sky, Cranos666, and darwinspoochyena

    Map Trailer:

    Screen Shots:

    Map Guide:

    Intersection 1:

    Boiling Pools:

    The White Wool can be found in the tunnel leading to Intersection 1, past the large door. At the second lava pillar, travel into the dungeon entrance in the left wall, and follow the left path to the wool box.

    Fungal Keep:

    The Orange Wool is located at the top of the Fungal Keep, at the other side of the cavern. There is an entrance to the keep at the base, past the forest of mushrooms.

    Boreal Ruins:

    The Magenta Wool is hidden about three quarters up the ruined tower, in a room adjacent to the balcony looking over the forest. The area also contains a sunken village in a lake near the dark forest, with a Totem of Undying hidden within.

    Glittering Pit:

    The Light Blue Wool is found at the bottom of the pit, guarded by a Blaze spawner. Be careful when approaching it, as getting distracted by the iron ore may cause one to spawn. The path to Intersection 2 can be found here, on the other side of the cavern.

    Intersection 2:

    Melting Mines:

    The Yellow Wool is found in the flooded tunnels beneath the mine, guarded by, well, guardians. It is highly recommended to take an aqua affinity helmet in order to break into the wool box. The path to Intersection 3 can be found in this area, past the river of lava.

    Blighted Ravine:

    The Lime Green Wool is directly across the ravine from the entrance. In order to reach it, take the left path, and cross the suspended bridge. Taking the right path will take you to Blighted Basin, a sub-area containing an additional wool box.

    Blighted Basin:

    The Pink Wool is found at the other end of the basin, past a gauntlet of spawners. A Totem of Undying can be found in a chest on the far wall of the ravine.

    Intersection 3:

    Old School Retro Bad Time Zone:

    The Gray Wool is located at the top of the tower, past the invisible platforms. After the maze, take the ladder leading up, and circumvent the blaze spawners by making a tower leading towards the larger of the two bedrock boxes. The smaller one contains a set of enchanted armor.

    The Grand Intersection:

    The Light Gray Wool can be found by taking the ladder leading down from Old School Retro Bad Time Zone and following the path to the Grand Intersection. Take the northern path to reach the Light Gray Wool, the eastern path to reach Intersection 4, The southern path for a shortcut to the Victory Monument, and the eastern path for a shortcut to Melting Mines.

    Castle Voidout:

    The Cyan Wool is located at the top of the Castle, which can be reached by climbing the west tower. Enter the castle and take a left, exiting onto the roof and taking a ladder to the top layer. Going down the stairs and taking a right from the entrance will take you to an area containing a Totem of Undying, while continuing straight from the entrance will bring you to The Abyss.

    The Abyss:

    The Purple Wool is simply directly on the other side of the cavern, though its location is obscured by a dark wall. Travel carefully in a straight line from the entrance, and take a left when you reach the wall. The other sides of this area contain an enchanted bow and a Totem of Undying.

    Islands of Pain:

    The Blue Wool is within the highest island, guarded by a Ghast and Witch spawner. Do not approach the False Victory Monument.

    Intersection 4:

    Intersection 4 is different from the rest, and is instead a large, open desert. The four dungeons can be found scattered throughout, as well as several mini-dungeons.

    The Tomb of Airom:

    Located high on a cliff to the right of the entrance to Intersection 4. The Brown wool can be found by following the left path until the spiral staircase, and then taking the south door at the bottom. The wool is in a large chamber directly across from the entrance to the room with many staircases. Many pieces of treasure can be found in the other rooms of the tomb.

    Fey Oasis:

    The area furthest from the start of intersection four, and the source of the river. The Green Wool can be found by taking a right, a left, a right, and then following the center path.

    The Undersea:

    The northernmost area, and the end of the river. The Red Wool is hidden in a cave beneath the island with the decrepit fishing village, near a black obelisk. The other islands contain valuable resources.

    The Shattered Tower:

    The longest and most difficult area in Monumental, at the top of the central mountain. To reach the Black Wool, follow the stairs up from the Illager camp and cross the bridge. Decent through the corrupted mine until you reach a large nether portal. Pass through it, and cross the platforms to reach the tower. The Black Wool is at the very top.

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