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    New map :P

    Jail Break

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    Second part of the Monastery (part 3 (with less stupidity) will come out later).
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    posted a message on ADV Map | Jail Break | Official Release
    No worries, they're not bad ;P

    I got it uploaded, but it's still processing so give it a bit.
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    posted a message on [Survival] Skull Island Survival - 1.6 *Dangerous Dungeons*Unusual Loot*SuperChargedCreepers*
    After a whole bunch of rendering and uploading problem... I finally got an episode up ._.

    Yaay... I supposed.
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    posted a message on [Survival] Skull Island Survival - 1.6 *Dangerous Dungeons*Unusual Loot*SuperChargedCreepers*
    Whew, I finally got time to record =w=
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    posted a message on VinesGrove [LOOKING FOR BUILDERS/WRITERS] RP SERVER
    VinesGrove is a Medieval role playing server based on races/classes quests. We are currently looking for skilled individuals to help us out.

    About VinesGrove

    VinesGrove is a Medieval role playing server based on races/classes and quests. The races include... Human(Knight, Archer,Wizard, Priest) , Angel, Demon, Were Wolf, Vampire, and Witchunter. In order to choose a race you must complete a quest. From there you can go to your classes town and complete more quests.

    Positions Available

    We currently need many more staff members to help with this server. The positions available include-

    • Lore Writers
    • Plugin Tech
    • Other skilled individuals
    • More positions soon
    Positions descriptions

    Builders-They are responsible for building.(You guessed it) You must have building skills in medieval building and Gothic building to sign up for this job and pictures of your builds.

    Lore writer- Lore writers must present a piece of their work. They also must have good vocabulary, grammar, and imagination.

    Plugin tech- In order to sign up for this job you must have experience in all ranges of plugins. Being able to code will be a plus.


    Minecraft Username:

    What job are you applying for:

    Age(we don't judge):

    Skype name:

    Prior experience to the position you are applying for:

    How much time will you dedicate to this server:

    What qualifies you for this position:


    Examples of your work (required):

    *This is a new post*

    Current Work:

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    posted a message on Tale of Kingdoms [v1.3.0][UNOFFICIAL UPDATE]
    I'm having this trouble with Tale of Kingdoms where the Reficules spawns a lot. And when I mean a lot, I mean five of them in a straight line xD and it gets really annoying because they keep on spawning every (minecraft) day. There really isn't a place I can go without encountering them, and there isn't even any burning villages, just a lot of Reficule spawns and those metal pillar leading to nothing.
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    [GENRE-DARK] 2

    I had imagined that I was on a beach before… imagined… no, I was dreaming of it. There was an arc made out of rock and it was just standing in the ocean. The place seemed dull; no colors were there to fill in the supposedly beautiful looking beach. Black and white was all that I saw. As I wiggled my fingers around to get a feel of conscious, there was a feeling of a crumbled paper in my hand. Lifting my hand up (it felt like I was trying to pull a rock out of and under miles and miles of sand), I folded out the paper and searched the nearly torn piece for any kind of words.

    “I am scared to kill. I don’t want to kill anymore,” was all that was written in smudged ink. And in this place, I could feel no emotion. Even if I wanted to feel scared, nothing came through, as if a giant wall was blocking me from freaking out.

    Deciding that I didn’t want to stay on this black and white beach any longer, I began to head inside the forest of two dull colors. Walking further and further inside, I started hearing a sound… music… coming from the northwest. I went toward the music. When I got there, a house, a broken and abandoned house was awaiting. It was different from every other thing on this island I had seen. This house had… colors. Even if it was still a bit black and white, a bit of dark, swampy green was mixed in. The music had stopped like it was done. No door was there for the house—must have broken down. Inside, inside… well, I couldn’t see anything inside. Darkness filled the house; it probably didn’t want me to see what was inside nor it want me to go in. But there was nothing else with color rather than this house, so why couldn’t I enter?

    No one was here to stop me, no one. I nodded to myself about that and breached inside the house. Nothing but darkness awaited, I couldn’t see a thing! Everything scared me now for my visions have been blinded. A single sound spoke up in tears. A sound of a girl, crying, sobbing, “I don’t want to… I don’t!”

    I couldn’t see her very well, but she wore a black dress. Her skin was pale, almost glowing in this darkness. And on what was on her back, she wore a shadow—a shadow of a beast. Suddenly, its eyes opened, white and visible, and though it had no pupils, it looked straight at my eyes and heart. Then another sob came, “Please… I don’t want to kill anymore!”

    But the beast didn’t have any effect on her useless crying; he only swung himself toward me.

    I tried the first one, but then it reminded me of FEAR (especially the music xD) so I scrapped it :L
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    posted a message on The Lost. [New RP Server, Steampunk, Bukkit, OFFLINE]
    IGN: OutandOpenMinded
    Age? 14
    Gender?: Female
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: California
    Do you, or have you RP'ed a lot before? Has, but never on Minecraft
    Have you read the rules, And do you agree with them?: I...don't...know... YES!

    Character Name: Roal Loxley
    Background / How did you get here?: Adventured off in a boat, hoping to find valuable customer, and found this island, only to have the boat washed away in a storm.
    Character Age: 20
    Occupation: Merchant
    Can your character mine? Yes
    Can your character build? Yes
    Can your character fight? Not very well.
    Does you character have any health/physical or mental problems/issues?: Is a bit insane due to creepers blowing up on Roal and family member. Will go a bit nuts when seeing a creeper.
    Can you give me a short example of roleplay?: [When you're playing as a different character, not you, him/her and you'll have to act like that character. Surviving is the key]
    A screenshot of your skin: A mysterious man in red cloak.
    Other Information: Has a kleptomaniac problem, but the insanity kind of turns it off.
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