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HAI! I'm called Otoris!

I'm a Minecraft fanatic, who enjoys getting together with friends to build and create! (Sometimes even SURVIVE) I give myself the title "Minecraft Entrepreneur", because I enjoy building relations with communities and running servers that are not only unique, but a place to call home in this crazy squared off world.

In real-life, I go by Ethan! I'm currently in-between jobs, but I've been known to design websites, brew coffee, and PA on different film productions when the opportunity presents itself.

Some of my other hobbies would include: making short films, photography, and EXERCISE! (It is totally a hobby/way of life )

Right NOW

I am currently running a 20-slot server that is rocking right now! We're called Ajax Studios, and the server is a casual hangout server for Minecraft fans of all kinds! We rock Vanilla Survival and we encourage you to check it out! I'm pretty proud of it and I think you'll like us. :)

Interests Short film production/Photography/Exercise

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Minecraft Otoris

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