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    posted a message on ~EDGE OF ETERNITY~ [MATURE COMMUNITY] [DEDICATED 64-SLOT SMP] [Anti Grief] [Online for over 8 years!]
    Minecraft Username (IGN): Otatsuke
    Location: U.S.A.
    Age: 21
    What you think makes a good Minecraft server: Well, seeing as Minecraft is a game, I see a good server as simply something that maintains an enjoyable environment.
    Why do you want to join us?: A new friend recommended it, and I think it might be fun.

    On a side note, I am not exactly a devoted player (in the sense that I have multiple other things that could occupy my time.)
    However, Minecraft has kept me coming back in the year-and-a-half that I've been playing, so I think this, as well, might be something to keep me coming back.

    Also, I forgot to add, John told me to mention him. I forget his last name...
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    posted a message on Request: The Diver mod
    Speaking of where people get things, Where did you get your banner?

    I'd like to have one similar.
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    posted a message on [REQ/IDEA] Bending Mod
    Is the Avatar the Last Blockbender mod close enough? It doesn't have the movements that you suggested, though.

    I'm telling the mod's creator about this post. There are a few things that you've suggested which I'd like to see there. The only things that I disagree with are minor.

    1) I feel like the experience should be lowered to about 30 (give or take five levels,) and have the power of your bending increase slightly as you level up.

    2) The Tsunami seems like it reaches too far. It would probably be better to decrease the range to 10-15 blocks at most. (for reasons of lag, among other things.

    3) Seeing as people are already used to Shift being crouch - it seems reasonable to me to switch the crouch and block keybindings. And also override the original actions.

    Other than that, I'd love to see the Spirit World as a new dimension. And from there you're pretty solid.
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    posted a message on Request: The Diver mod
    Quote from Sergiocast345
    ps: you have CDO, and it is like OCD
    well, I have COD, and it is like crap :P

    My friend, I love your signature.:D
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    posted a message on Request: The Diver mod
    I agree with Dr33mcrusher, although the Permanent air detail seems a bit overpowered to me... Perhaps if the recipe were more expensive. For example, if it included diamond somehow...

    Or if it had to be charged...
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    posted a message on What's planned for Minecraft 1.6?
    I wish I could vote for more than one option.
    The werewolf seems a good idea to me, but I'd also like to see the red dragon and others.

    As far as hostility, I think the red dragon should be tamable, but very touchy. Similar to the wolf, but much more aggressive. Perhaps you would have to approach it with a precious stone - like gold, emerald, or diamond - before you could put the saddle on. You would then have ... two seconds to put the saddle on after you give it the stone, and you would still have to break it like the horse. If you fail to put the saddle on, or make it mad, it would try to kill you. It has an Iron Golem's health or better, and does about half as much damage as a creeper.

    Sharks would also be interesting, as well as a Leviathan. Of course the Leviathan would be rare.
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    posted a message on Just one thing i've noticed..
    While I agree with the ideas you've listed, I do have some quarrels and comments. (Of course)

    By-the-by, please note that this directly references the "What biomes would you add in the new update" topic in at least a few places.

    I believe wholly that new Overworld hostiles should be added (at least a couple.) For example you could add ghosts (as suggested by Sefarian on the "what biomes" topic.) And with the addition of new biomes, of course new mobs would be needed. Also, I would be interested to see what turn a scorpion would take with some creative licence....

    New weapons would be nice, as well. While the sword and bow are nice (though the bow was Quite a bit better before they changed it's mechanics,) I do agree that the combat system needs more variety. The Minecraft Team could add guns, and at the same time partially fix the "too few ores" problem. Lead could be added as ammunition for the gun. And they could even add a peculiar mechanic to it's smelting process: a poison cloud. It would be, in all simplicity, no more than a radius of the Poison spell. This, of course, can be avoidable by say... placing a block of wool in front of the furnace. I do agree that there could stand to be more than just that as far as weapons, and support the "staff" idea. As well as request others.

    Another thing, which people seem to ignore as far as the weapons category, is potions. While there are also potions which restore health, or make it easier to do certain things, there are also the ones that are more... Battle oriented. Poison, Instant Damage, and most of the splash potions are certainly useful in dangerous situations. Therefore, I would say these fall under the category of weapons at least to a fault.

    On the subject of potions, it has come to my attention that a number of status effects are missing from the potions list. For example, Blindness. That would indeed be a useful splash potion. I also think that weapons should be usable with potions on the anvil to give them the potion's effects. I'm still debating whether the effect should last as long as the sword, or wear off after a number of hits. I do think, however, that the effect in battle should be halved (or perhaps we could be a Bit more generous....)

    To touch on the aspect of new plants, I did like the addition of cherry trees in one particular Mod. Altogether, they were aesthetically pleasing and they broke the monotony of green, green, green, everywhere. My only problem is that the cherries didn't seem to have a use. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    While the exploration aspect has gotten boring, be it due to poorly diversified maps, or a subtle lack of anything new, new biomes are not the only aspect. Many people seem to forget about Temples.
    Honestly, I think they need to add more temples. Water Temple, Fire temple, Sky temple, Etc.! These would give users like myself something new to explore while at the same time not adding Too much to the atmosphere. They should add at least one temple for every biome that does not already have one!

    The only block I've suggested be added was lead, though your "luminite" and sulphur would be nice additions.
    I agree in saying the difficulty does Not need to be changed, and that the biome generator needs a bit of tweaking. Other than that, I believe I've about covered my views on the subject.

    Please note that what I have said is mostly opinion, and should be taken with a grain of salt.
    That said, please be respectful, kind, and above all, considerate.
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    posted a message on If you could, which biome would you add to Minecraft
    Honestly, I agree with a number of other people here;
    Improve the mushroom biome's spawn rate, add volcanoes, and also the Mediterranean biome idea.
    Particularly, I like Toucan687's idea of the Japanese Jungle. A more worldly feel would do well for Minecraft. You could even go so far as to include Chinese, Japanese, and other Eastern-esque Temples complete with Torii Gates.
    Quite honestly, I would like to see the sky islands idea somebody mentioned earlier, as well. And please put in more temples.
    Sky Temples (obviously in the sky), Water Temples (underwater), Void Temple (in the End) And if and when volcanoes are added, Fire Temples!
    Alternatively, you could just put the fire temples in the Nether.
    More diversity, please!
    At the very least, more temples.
    :P :D
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