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    I’ll get right into it. I fully support the decision to remove fireflies. I believe it is fully reasonable and educational, but, I think it upset a lot of the community that such a great feature was removed so easily. So, here is my solution/suggestion that honestly I’m surprised Mojang has not already made.
    Make it a different bioluminescent bug. It’s as simple as that. My suggestion is Click Beetles as they are harmless to amphibians, at least from what I’ve researched. Of course there are many other bioluminescent flying bugs that are safe for frogs that could be a wonderful solution to both sides of the problem. But, I do think Click Beetles would be great because of their signature click sound which is a perfect opportunity to make another cool feature.
    Now, this next part of my thread might seem like an attack to the Mojang staff, but please don’t take it personally, I’ve just been a little upset how Mojang handles the removal of features. So, I’ll keep it as short as possible: Stop running away from problems and removing countless amazing features. Instead do the amazing trick of “appealing to both parties.” Super simple, just like the suggestion above, instead of removing a feature, add something similar but less harmful, that way everyones happy. Right now it really looks like Mojang is just being lazy and making more excuses to remove a feature they don’t want to work on. I think it would show a lot more commitment and kindness if Mojang would put in the extra work for the #1 game in the world.

    To all that read this, lets try and get the staff to see this, I think if we put enough pressure on them they’ll make this compromise happen.

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