About Me

Hi there!

I am the creator of the resourcepack FantenCraft, formerly known as DaffCraft. I am 19 years and currently living in Germany. I enjoy editing photos and painting stuff at my computer since I was 14, so one day I decided to paint some textures for Minecraft. DaffCraft was the first outcome (you can download the 1.8 version HERE). Later I decided to rework my pack and release it under a different name, FantenCraft.

But why FantenCraft, you may ask? What the hell is Fanten?

Well, Fanten or rather Fant ist just a nickname for one of my dogs and I think its a pretty unique name for a resourcepack.

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I like to

- walk with my dogs (canadian shepherd dog & german shepherd - labby - mix)

- make some textures

- playing games (Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, some old stuff)

Location Germany

Profile Information

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