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    posted a message on { PureFTB } - [Closed]
    So where is everyone nowadays? Just peaking my head in?
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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    Figured I'd pop in and say hi.

    So this was almost a thing? That would have been fun :)

    Ta ta all! Hope you all are doing well!
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.2.4! New blocks!
    Love the change.

    OP is completely mistaken. They look great and will make a great addition to the game.

    Thanks for sharing your incorrect opinion OP!
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    posted a message on LF non-pvp, survival with temp deathbans, set on hard
    Looking for a legit survival server with a temporary deathban system, set on hard (aka starvation can result in death) with no or very limited PvP interactions amongst the population.

    Looking forward to see if there are any servers around that match this small limited rule-set.

    -Cheers, your friendly Orthodontist

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    posted a message on Dragon egg
    Quote from Krova

    These are all things that were suggested by the developers.

    You of all people, good sir, should understand that you are still dreaming the typical minecraftian pipe-dream. Posting about a world where all that has been said or mentioned will or may not come true.

    All these little paths lead to the same thing. We could have a conversation at length, but I figure its best to leave you in your blissful thinking.

    Cheers and keep dreaming you dreamy dreamer. All is well now that we have glass panes. <3 The game is complete.
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    posted a message on Dragon egg
    Writing in Books. Lava Boats. Underwater Content. Cocoa Plants.

    You guys are dreaming.

    Pipe-dreamers, all of you.
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    posted a message on Help me decide on a contest idea, please!
    Hello there denziens of the interwebs.

    It has come to my attention that a particular Lan Event, whose name I shall not advertise here, is hosting a Minecraft sponsored event/contest. The sponsors have given the participants the ability to vote on the contest that will take place in around a month.

    Voting on the 5 different ideas is coming to close, and I was curious if the Minecraft Discussion forum would help stir up the pot a little bit, as it seems only 50 or so people out of the 500+ that are attending have cast any vote at all.

    What contest out of the five listed below would you like to play yourself???

    Here is a link to the poll :biggrin.gif: <--------------------

    Please vote for one of the below entries. They are posted in random order and have NOT BEEN EDITED IN ANYWAY and are displayed below as entered. However, they made be modified if selected as the winner for time constraints at the actual event, but the idea WILL BE USED.


    The Final Contenders:

    #1: The contest is called “Find the ores”. It´s on a server only for this. The player start with 15 wooden planks for tools. They have to find as much ores as they can. PvP is enabled, so they can fight with each other. After maybe two hours the leader of the game teleports every player to him/her and the player put their tresures in chests. For every rare material they get points. For caol 1 point, for redstone and lapislazuli 2 points, for iron 4 points, for gold 5 points and for diamonds 10 points. The player with the most points win the contest.

    #2: I was a big fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon, So lets see who can build the best roller coaster. Take into account thematic, length, if they make a neat ride platform and how they power it.

    #3: Hunger Games: Minecraft Style – Ingredients: World-edit in a: • One 100×100 bed-rock cylinder stretching from void to sky limit – • One 25×25 flat bedrock surface surrounded by lava – Set server to hardcore. – Make sure spawn is outside the cylinder and not near the flat land so when people respawn, they cannot interfere with the game. – Have all participates log into server and gather in a single area. Explain the rules on the fly, no before hand knowledge. – Mass teleportation to inside the sphere and blare in real life an air horn. – Last person to survive wins. After “X-amount of hours” time in game, if more than 1 player is still alive in the dome, teleport remaining participates to bedrock flat area and have them battle to the death. - Last alive claims all glory.

    #4: Best built pirate ship.

    #5: My contest is to see who can build the best obstacle course ( for Joe e.g. to try to get through) the course has to be hard enough for a person to panic. You can use redstone, anything as long as you are able to get through. If anyone builds a course that is virtually impossible to conquer then he/she won’t win. The course can’t be more than 120 blocks long and ought to be created in Creative mode. To win, Joe must not be able to complete the course in FIVE MINUTES. Joe must not be aloud to break anything in the course. The course should be creative and able to do, hard or easy. If there is more than one winner then it is between them to make new courses for Joe to complete and if, by the end of the day there is still more than one winner then it will be a draw between the people who managed to keep Joe going over Five minutes. Have Fun!…aswell.


    Please vote for your favorite!

    #1 (37%, 22 Votes)
    #3 (19%, 11 Votes)
    #5 (17%, 10 Votes)
    #2 (15%, 9 Votes)
    #4 (12%, 7 Votes)
    Total Voters: 59

    I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this. Its a closed contest for those attending the event, I just wanted the community of Minecraft to weigh in on it.

    -Orthodontist :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on What does your library look like?
    I'm still building mine...

    The table will go in the center...

    Yours is nice as well.
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    posted a message on **Confirmed** Milk Clears Poison Effects
    Even though I highly doubt they are much use to prove anything, I have included screenshots in the original post.
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    posted a message on 1.0 New Features! OFFICIAL Report on New Features! MINECRAFT IS RELEASED!
    1.9 Pre-release v2

    Milk clears blue-spider poison effects.


    I have a thread going for testing and confirmations for other players. Also, I asked for players who are more adapt at accessing the potions to test if the drinking milk also clears Potion effects.

    Stay Tuned <3
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    posted a message on **Confirmed** Milk Clears Poison Effects
    Quote from Krova

    It was just a cure for food poison before, right?

    I wasn't even aware that it did that good sir. I apologize if I am late to the party, however, I'm curious if anyone out there could also check to see if Milk does indeed also clear potion effects?

    A "Clear-all" sounds like it might.

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    posted a message on **Confirmed** Milk Clears Poison Effects

    The glorious Jeb, via twitter, has stated that milk acts as a "clear all" for effects.

    It does indeed, at the very least, cure poison effects from blue spiders. Test for yourself, as I highly doubt any screenshots I would provide are enough to prove this to you, or anyone else reading this.

    Screenshots added just because...

    Sadly, 1.9 seems to be cluttering up our precious inventories with more and more standard carry items.

    Post your own confirmations here if you would please!

    Additional testing needs to be done to see if milk also clears Potion effects. If you have access to potions and milk, could you please post your findings here?
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    posted a message on TreeCrafters SMP - [1.0] [24/7] [Survival] [RP Allowed] [Whitelist] [No-PVP]

    Hello there :biggrin.gif:, I have been interested in attempting this challenge, but I enjoy SMP far to much to attend to such things in single player. Below is my application for your newly created server.

    • IGN:

    My IGN is Orthodontist.

    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    I have been playing Minecraft since early October, 2010.

    • How old are you?

    I am twenty-six years old.

    • Have you ever been banned or kicked from another server?

    I have applied and played on a total of three servers since October 2010. I am currently and have been since early November of 2010 a very active member of the "Aurora" community. I would link to their site/forums, but I feel that would be rude when I consider the current environment (ie, your thread /wink.)

    During this time, I have never been banned or kicked from any of these servers I have called my Mine-craft homes.

    • Why?

    I am a well mannered person and am a natural builder. I get along with others easily, and have been known to be quite silly on voice chats from time to time. In a good, non mouth breather sort of fashion.

    • Do you agree to follow The Tree Challenge rules as linked above?

    Yes, however...a few questions of my own perhaps?

    • Are you currently using any additional rule-sets on top of the standard challenge objectives to govern the server, such as "hardcore" (Die once, abandon the tree) or one player per tree maximum?

    • Or are we free to play the challenge with our own rule-sets and govern ourselves?

    • Do you agree to NEVER GRIEF or PVP EVER AT ALL?

    I have never griefed, but have dabbled in PvP on PvP enabled servers in the Minecraft universe. I will respect my fellow druids and tree-mongers with the utmost respect and curtsy. I will not grief or engage in unsanctioned player versus player combat on your server.

    Thank you for your time,

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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    New Map is UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! :blink.gif:

    Join the land rush!!!!!
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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    Quote from tekAC

    :Diamond: New players, please read the rules, preferably the whole thread! :Diamond:

    Fyi, that IP, good sir, is a dead IP for 1.8.

    Edited Post to make my words more apparent.
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