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    You didnt accept me in PM. Your application does not say TeamSpeak is mandatory. I dont know why servers want as much info as a credit card application. You 'accepted' my application based on my username and time zone... I want to play vanilla survival, chat a little in game, and build. I dont want to install skype, teamspeak, or some other chat program to do something that can be done here.

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    posted a message on [1.5.1][Greylist] Barebones Survival

    Essentials: Every server needs it!
    Lockette: Lock chests and doors, keep those chumps out of your stuff!
    Hawkeye: See who changed what, and when they did it! Find those griefers!

    1: No griefing or stealing. We define these as any modification or removal of property that is not your own without prior permission.

    2: No cheating or hacking. Including but not limited to game-changing mods such as x-ray and fly mods, no duping of items or other exploits.

    3: Be positive, and be respectful of other players and yourself. Racism, sexism and other bigotry will not be tolerated. This also means no personal harassment of another player; if you have a problem with another player please talk to an admin and/or ignore them. However, swearing in general is encouraged!

    4: Please stay within your own plot in towns, this includes underground. Some people like to have basements (like your neighbor). Outside of towns is free build, however please do not modify anything someone else has built without permission.

    5: If you chop down a tree, chop down the whole tree and please replant it. Also, in your application answer with a fruit or vegetable as your favorite color.

    6: No unwilling PvP and no looting of inventories. You steal someone's inventory, you are fair game to be killed to get their things back.

    7: Please speak English in general chat.

    8: When in doubt, whip it out.

    Donations help keeping the server running. The more donations we have, the more we spend upgrading the capability of the server.

    In game you can use the /buy command and you will be given the option to 'purchase' a rank promotion. Currently you can purchase the rank 'Citizen' which gives you /afk /back /home /me /msg /suicide /tptoggle

    In the event a donator gets themselves banned, no refund will be issued.

    Being a greylist server, you have to apply to be promoted to get build rights. Read the application carefully, paste it as a comment below. If the application is not properly completed, it will be ignore. You may do a in game application if a moderator or admin is online, but read the rules, you WILL be asked questions to confirm you read them.

    Username :

    Age :

    Location :

    Have you been banned from any other servers? If yes, why? :

    Have you FULLY read our rules? :

    Comments, praises, insults? :

    Favorite colour? :

    Please note; we post the names of players who were banned and why they were banned so if owners of other servers look for that players name, they will find it associated with a ban notice.
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    posted a message on Ok Server, TERRIBLE Owner
    lol, sounds like someone is butthurt, got banned, cant do anything about it, trying to convince themselves they were in the right.
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    posted a message on Barebones Survival Server
    Fixxwiss and TheKapooch, welcome to the server! You have been whitelisted!
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    posted a message on Barebones Survival Server
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