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    In game name: Ormar14
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Greenwich
    Preferred gender pronoun (optional): Male

    About You
    Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I was a Admin on a medium sized server. I can use anti-grief plugins.
    Have you ever been banned? No, I have never been banned from a server to my knowledge.
    Would you be interested in participating in our Community Projects (villages, towns, cities)? If I'm invited to be a part of one I would say yes. (depends on the project at hand or if I have something going on)
    Would you be interested in participating in joining a Skype group to keep in touch (either through text or voice calls)? Absolutely, My skype name is prumpandidvergur. I have mumble and teamspeak.
    What attracted you to this particular server? I love whitelist servers because your stuff is not stolen people who are on the server are nice, I really loved to see that this server has nice staff since a lot of servers have mean and douche-ish staff members.

    Reading Check!
    When is PvP allowed? When both players agree to it verbaly
    What is z2liion's title? Empress.
    Finish the sentence: "Act your age, not your shoe size.

    Anything Else? Optional.
    Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know? My real name is Ormar and I'm from Iceland, I have been playing since minecraft 1.0. What kind of plugins does this server have? If I may ask.
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    1. What is your IGN: Ormar14
    2. How old are you: 16 and I am from Iceland
    3. How long have you been playing minecraft: I've been playing since Minecraft 1.0
    4. Why do you want to join us: I like whitelist servers and am looking for a new one since a server I played on shut down.
    5. Can you handle racism or crude humor: Ofcourse, I like that kind of humor.
    6. Do you follow Mindcrack: Not a lot but I do follow it some time to time
    7. What is your time zone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone UTC±00:00.
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    Country: Iceland
    Why you want to join this server: Ever since the last vanilla server I played on shut down I wanted to find another server that was whitelisted, has no griefers and had good people on it. I respect your rules and I want you to know that your server sounds perfect to my ears
    Things you like to do on minecraft: I like to build, mine, explore, farm and get achievements
    Why should I pick you: I have been playing Minecraft since it got out of Beta. I have never been banned from a server, I was an Admin on a server that had 20 players on all the time before it shut down. I would never grief or steal from anyones chest, I'm very mature and I tend to focus all my minecraft time on 1 server, that server is hopefully this one. I don't really know what to write in the last 2 questions, so I just kept it shirt.
    Tell me about yourself: I'm from Iceland, I'm 16 (as you already know). I am a very active person I like sports like skiing, badminton, football (soccer) and handball. I have been playing video games since I got the PS1 and I just loved it. I play other games like Borderlands 2 and Fifa 14. If you want to ask me some more about me my skype name is: prumpandidvergur
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    Minecraft IGN: Ormar14


    Do you have Skype:Yes, prumpandidvergur

    How often do you play Minecraft: Everyday for about 2 hours

    How much time would you dedicate to this server: 2 hours or more a day

    Building skills: I wouldn't say I am a good builder. But I am not a bad builder

    Redstone skills: Not Great

    Do you have a Youtube channel and do you record: Yes I do have a youtube channel but I don't upload

    Why do you think you should be on this server: I have never been banned from another server. I am a good minecrafter. I'm a nice guy and I think you would like to have me on your server. :)
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