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    posted a message on Would Full Dive VR cause human extinction?

    Keep in mind that someone has to maintain the infrastructure. Unless all food (or nutrient goop) production, all hardware production, mining, healthcare and such is automated, there will be people in the real world, walking either in biological or mechanical bodies (telepresence).

    Even if machines took care of us, I don't believe that the desire to have children will ever completely disappear. I'm sure there would be ways to have and raise children for those who want it, even if it became ever more troublesome compared to the virtual life.

    And then there are the virtual families you mentioned... If an AI actor can't be distinguished from a real human, even after decades of living together, I'd say the AI is alive. It could, maybe, eventually, mean that biological "humans" would get more and more rare, and depending on what your definition of "human" is, might go extinct, but something close enough (IMO) would continue to live in the digital world.

    Real world cities might become ghost towns, but I believe some places would still be popular tourist attractions. Maybe not for the experience itself, but for having visited a place IRL.

    In any case, this wouldn't be happening any time soon. In the wealthiest countries it might start in the next 50 years (very optimistic estimate), but it will take at least centuries more before all of humanity spends the majority of their time in virtual worlds. Even after that I don't think an "extinction" would happen in multiple millennia.

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    posted a message on What genre of game do you prefer?

    RTS, puzzle, Minecraft.

    I know Minecraft isn't a genre, but I don't really play other sandbox games, so...

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    posted a message on Lets see if someone can figure this out...

    I have a converter page in my bookmarks bar just for "puzzles" like this.

    I didn't follow the link, but at least the message had more text than just "You're clever" like most others...

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    posted a message on Looking for Java/JavaScript Programmers. {Game Development}

    Here's a few words of advice:

    This is slightly better than many "looking for programmers" threads I've seen, since it has some well defined features instead of only vague descriptions like "I'm making an MMORPG, want to make it for me?"... Still the scope of the game is way too big. If anyone joins this project, they'll work on it on their free time and some will quit before the project is finished. Think what are the key features that this game absolutely needs and keep them. Don't throw the rest away, but keep them hidden for now so they don't scare away anyone who knows how much work it would be.

    Next a few questions:

    What will you do? You're looking for programmers so I assume you'll make graphics, level design, writing..., but you should mention that in your post so that you're not immediately dismissed as another "idea guy". It may sound harsh, but ideas are free. Everyone has them. Carefully made plans for a game are more difficult to come by, but designing and leading are very rarely enough. You have to do more than just ask others to make a game for you.

    How much is already done? You should show that you're committed to this project. Do you have any art done? Sketches? Anything you can show, to convince people that this is more than just a plan?

    What platform will the game be published on?

    What engine do you use?

    Have you ever made games before this?

    That last one is important. People will want to know that you know what you're doing before they're willing to help. If this is your first game, you should limit the scope to something so small that one programmer could do it in a few weeks (on their free time). You'll gain valuable experience and you can show that game when you try to gather a team around you.

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    posted a message on I need some advice on academic stuff

    It's been a few days already, but I hope this still helps.

    I think you should tell the teacher. It may feel like you're doing something against this cheating student, but it's best for her too. When the teacher knows that she doesn't understand what she's coding they can help her.

    Next time she asks to see your code, don't give it to her. Instead, explain carefully what the code should do and make her write every single line herself. Drawing a flow chart could help too, to understand the structure of the code better. It takes a lot of time and patience, but she has a better chance of learning when she does everything herself than when copy pasting working code.

    To the teacher you could say something like "Could you help <student> with <topic>. I don't think she understands what she's coding because she copied that part from me." It doesn't come out as an angry accusation because you ask for help and provides evidence to back your claim.

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    posted a message on The Stellarscape Project

    A couple questions:

    First, if you want to make the best free game ever, you need a good plan.

    I assume exploration is a big part of the game but what else you can do in the complete game? Trade, fight enemies, upgrade or customize your ship..? You need to tell more than "I'm making a game" if you want to get attention.

    Second, I can see that you have at least some experience in programming and you're committed to the project, but do you have experience in working in a group project or leading a team?

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    posted a message on Spaceship Ors-IV

    I have no idea how long it took me to build this. It's been in my WIP folder for half a year maybe. A couple weeks ago I found enough motivation to actually finish it!

    I made half of it block by block without any kind of external programs or mods. Then I mirrored the other half and finished a few rooms that couldn't be mirrored.

    Here are the results:

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    posted a message on Is Steve a giant?

    Minecraft Wiki says he's 1.85 m tall. Tall, yes, but nothing special.

    The player's eye level (According to coordinates while pressing F3) is 1.62 meters. Since their eyes are 28 pixels above their feet, leaving 4 pixels above their eyes (.23m), Steve is approximately 1.85 meters tall (6'1"). This seems to be confirmed by the game's code that shows Steve's hitbox being 1.8m tall and 0.6m wide.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Usernames

    That's a good suggestion. My current username isn't made with that method but usually when I'm trying to come up with a good username the first step is to fill a text file with Greek and Latin words. :D

    The next phase is to just play around with words:

    Add semi-random letters and leave other letters out, possibly combine some words in the list. Have fun and choose the best result!

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    posted a message on What was your dumbest Minecraft moment?

    I dug straight down. You can guess the rest...

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    posted a message on Furious 7

    I did cry. It was really sad that they had to kill that cute little predator drone...

    (Ok, I didn't cry at that point, but it still felt bad.)

    Of course the ending made me shed a tear or two.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite number?


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    posted a message on Whats your favorite color?


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    posted a message on Serious confusion

    It's Mega Taiga biome.

    Mega taiga is an uncommon biome composed of spruce trees, much like the standard taiga biome. However, some trees are 2×2 thick and very tall, not unlike large Jungle trees. Moss stone boulders appear frequently, brown mushrooms are common and a dirt-type block called podzol can be found in this biome. There are also patches of coarse dirt which will not grow grass. Wolves may also spawn here, as they do in normal Taiga biomes.


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    posted a message on Bows or Swords?


    Even if you finish the job with a sword you can damage the opponent or even kill them with a bow before they can get a single hit on you. If the other guy doesn't have an enchanted iron armor or better I can usually kill them before they get too close.

    However, unless I'm target practicing I use sword against mobs. I like to spare my arrows for my friends... :)

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