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    posted a message on Inspired by Rainbow 6 Siege Map (ALPHA)

    This is a rainbow 6 siege inspired map

    Mods needed to play this map:

    Vic's Modern Warfare Mod

    Xplosives Mod

    Please install latest versions

    Note this is far from complete and it will be worked on for the foreseeable future.

    Uh, have fun! And report any problems to be

    Also, while loading up the terrain, it may say "This item will be removed blah blah blah", Just press Yes and carry on. I had other mods running that won't interfere with this map.

    Anyways, here's the map, hope you like it!

    Rainbow Craft Siege

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    posted a message on Help with enchants on potions

    So I'm creating a Rainbow 6 Siege type of gamemode and I need a custom potion to have Curse of Vanishing on the potion in order to prevent anyone from taking it.

    Here's the current command I'm using to create the potion:

    /give @p minecraft:splash_potion 1 0 {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:6,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:10,Amplifier:2,Duration:100,ShowParticles:0b},{Id:11,Duration:40,ShowParticles:0b}],CustomPotionColor:16777215,display:{Name:Antibiotics,Lore:["Powerful Stuff"]}}

    I don't know where to put the enchantment so it would spawn in

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