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    I can't wait for this!

    I can also be a tester if you need me. I'm not the best builder but I'm good at testing and following any kind of directions.
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    1. IGN (In game name)- Oreoohs
    2. What you want to be called by- Marv, Marvin, Either one is fine.
    3. Age (Will not be denied based on age): 17.
    4. Gender- Male.
    5. How active will you be- I can be pretty active, it will really depend on whose on.
    6. Skype (required)- marvinthemartianmanhunter
    7. Previous Clans- None.
    8. Knowledge on Fairy Tail- I'm currently watching and trying to finish but I'm on what I believe is to be season 1 and I'm still trying to catch up but I have a pretty good knowledge of the show.
    9. Why you want to join- I've always wanted to join some kind of server with magic and this makes it even better because of the show and because of how great of a magic server this could be. Currently I'm looking for a good roleplay with magic but I can't seem to find one that has a good amount of magic use without having to donate money that I don't even have at the moment.
    10. Anything else we should know- Not really. I'm a cool guy?
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    You need to release this earlier because it sounds awesome and I want to be able to play on it as soon as possible.
    I've been looking for a server based on the books and one that will have people sounds so amazing that I just want to join it today.Not only have I read every book (still ed off at the ending of Allegiant), but something like this in minecraft sounds awesome.

    I'm done.
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    IGN: Oreoohs
    Age: 17

    Country of residence: USA

    Previous roleplaying experiences: I mostly roleplay on tumblr but Ive done some on minecraft. I promise I know how.

    If you had a previous roleplaying server, why did you leave it: The admins only made the server so they could benefit of the donations and weren't even putting the money into the server. Sucks, right?

    Define OOC and IC: OOC - Out of character. Usually means people are talking abot things that mostly don't relate to their character or the roleplay.

    IC - In Character. People are talking and doing things that relate to the characters they had written.

    What is powergaming and metagaming, give an example(different from in the rules) of both: Powergaming is basically making your character overpowered somehow. Thinking your character is a god or may be able to avoid a lot of conflict or problems because you think he is. Metagaming is using something that your character couldn't have known about or learned but you do it anyway. For example. If someone had a secret that I know OOCLY and decided to have my character know somehow.

    Did you read all of the rules? What number was skipped? What is the secret phrase from the rules: 4 was skipped and I thought I was crazy.

    Characters name: Kravos McClure

    Characters age: 21

    Characters background story; this should describe life on the boat or life in Arken. Maybe your boat landed on another continent first before sailing to Medowen:

    Before he landed on the continent, he was an orphan that travelled from place to place. He found out about his magical bloodline because of an old man that had taken him in into a religious convent because he was found with nothing but a basket and a book that contained his own family history. As he grew older, he had to hide his magical abilites from the convent and it was only getting harder and harder to hide. The convent had the belief that magic was an ungodly and unholy thing that deserved to be banished from the world and everyone with it is from a long line of bad people, which wasn't the case in any way, shape, or form. At the age of 15 he was kicked out of the convent and disowned by his adoptive father because he used magic to stop the main church building from catching on fire, and apparently the 50 people in the church at the time were destined to die and Kravos only messed with the natural order of things. Since they cared about him enough he was only given the chance to leave and never come back without facing any form of punishment, and he did without looking back. To this day he thinks about his father and is starting to grow a resentment towards him for disbanding him for somthing that he couldn't control. He wandered the land for 5 years. He was only living off the kindness of other and his growing adaptiveness to the new world around him. That entire experience only made him a more cautious person, but a much better surviver when it comes to things. When he was 21, that was when his life changed for the better. He had overheard a conversation about some trip to an entirely new continent, and it would be a place where he could start over. When he went to purchase a ticket, he found out that the ticket was soething that wasn't even within his price range. Withot thinking much of it, he ran on the boat as it was taking off, and that's where is journey began.

    What class best fits your character?, for classes look at spoiler in the bottom of thread:


    Characters personality and morals?

    My character is the type of person who generally tries to do the right thing. He has always known to have been a blunt and honest person. Often he lets even the littlest things bother him and cause him to solve a problem that he may not really be able to fix. He is highly optimstic and even exeplifies views or does things that would seem very unrealistic.

    Add a small description of what your character looks like or include a picture of your skin: He wears a cape on his back that has a very symbolic meaning. He does it to prove that he will always have his back covered, with or without someone watching it. Kravos has dark black hair with a very oliver skin tone. Oddly enough, black is his favorite character.
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    Quote from JMickeyD

    That was actually Charon, Chiron was the Heros guide and a centaur.

    I get the names screwed. I remember most Greek/Roman myth. from Percy Jackson and that's something I'd always get mixed. Plus I had to study it this year and I remember getting that question wrong >.<.
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    Origin is just offering help to people that ask for it, and he's just commenting the one's he sees first. He's helping a lot, if one is just really bad in his opinion he will say something about it. Don't think about it as an insult, thinking of it as constructive criticism, he's is not the final say. He's like the Chiron, the guy that helps souls through the underworld before they get to the judges, he's not the final guide/say if you will.
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    Quote from victishonor99

    John's story starts from the inner city growing up in the poor part of town. My father was arrested when I was 4 years-old. Never really having a father i would always be around my grandfather watching him work at his garage downtown, learning all his tricks no one else knew. I learned what i know now from a great man and he made the man who I am today. At the age of 18 my grandfather died of a gang shooting at the gas station where he worked, leaving me all alone, not having anyone to care for in the world left me in a deep depression. I would go to the bar on the corner from where i lived everyday and drink till i was thrown out. I drank my sorrows away with alcohol thinking it was over for me and there was no point in living, as i started walking towards the bridge getting ready to jump. at the point where i was climbing over the rail a man came and threw me back on the bridge saving my life. The man was Dimitiri(now my best friend) and he told me that life was not worth throwing away because of something so small as death. He showed me there was more to life and i should carry on. He told me my Grandfather would not want to see me end my life like this and to keep going and dont stop. Now i work a full time job at the local gas station fixing cars. Being a mechanic helps me cope with the sadness of my grandfather passing and also helps me move on with my life.

    I get it you want us to see your bio. Put it with all of your other information. Or at least go update the other two you made, you don't need to post a new one every time you make it that is what the "edit" button is for.
    I apologize for the douchebaggery but I just don't like someone posting a bio 3-4 times to get people to read it.

    But anyways it's a good Bio. I love how you don't make the dead/abandoning parents thing to where it makes your story all dark and depressing. I also love how you are incorporating another character into your story.
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    It's windy where I live in Kentucky.

    But anyways, thank God my mother taught me patience...I should really start doing my homework.
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    Quote from Origin_Lark

    This is absolutely horrible. Its has so much detail and depth and it describes the character's past anguish perfectly. Its..its atrocious. The spelling and grammar is proofread and kept to a fine point and your ambition is totally original! You also managed to squeeze in some imagery and describe his appearance! That is unACCEPTABLE!!!!

    Its opposite day on another planet. Can you guess which?

    Good start, now wow us.

    Origin_Lark I don't care what you have to say. Seriously why are people like you alive. Who do you think you are leaving those types of comments. Sherlock lied you aren't making a single user's bios better at all. Log off right now and go evaluate everything and I want you to apologize to every bio you think you helped.

    Happy opposite day to you also Origin :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [But seriously, thanks I'm glad people like you are around on here!]
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    Minecraft Name: Oreoohs
    · Real life age: 16
    · How you found this post: Forums :D .
    · IC Name: Kravos McClure
    · IC Age: 16
    · Gender: Male
    · Ambitions: To finally get out of this shell of loner that he is. To better himself and finally be a person who loves to communicate with others and not be someone people don't want to be. He wants to have a friend that doesn't feel sorry for him about his parents dying, that doesn't care how he looks, that doesn't care about his past.
    · Personality: Friendly, Kind of a loner, Intelligent, Quick Thinking. He doesn't really like to show a hole lot of emotion and it angers him to see any form of bullying or terrible insults.
    · Preferred Job: -Unavailable-
    · Biography: His parents died in a car accident when he was 15 years old, now he lives in an apartment by himself. His parents had a lot of money which he gets occasionally. His parents left him enough money to last him an entire life style, but due to their lack of trust he doesn't get it for a while.
    The night after his parents died he retreated into the woods and lived there for 6 months. He picked up some survival skills and trained physically and mentally while he was there. He was forced to live in the city when a couple found him sleep in one of the bushes and assumed he was dead. The police and ambulance came and forced him to stay into the city, and worst of all go to school. He studied a lot when he brought his books to the forest so he did a lot of reading. They made him stay in the crummy apartment because they thought he'd be too crazy to be with a real family.
    He has at least on person who he can call a friend, and met her when he was strolling in the city. She always has guards around her but the guards let them talk and socialize but they always have to be watched. He doesn't like her in some lovey-dovey way. She was the only person that actually saw him for the person he was and had acted more like a sister to him.
    He goes to school at the local high school, and people envy him for being able to do what we wants, when he wants, but in reality he longs for a family. He loves to walk through the city and visit the library a lot of the times. He is described as handsome, but not very tall standing at 5'11. He also loves to swim at the community pool every once in a while and walk in the park. He may seem like a kid, but from being alone for nearly a year he's learned a lot about the adult-life.

    [ For anyone that doesn't want to look at the way at the front page, I am well open to feedback there is no comment that is too harsh!]

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    Origin_Lark, could you do me a favor and look at my application. I'm a middle-leveled role-player and have been doing it for a few years now. I always love feedback for my application.

    I didn't really want to go with the whole "dead parents" idea, but this is the first time I've ever done it and wanted to be able to try to use it for the first time without having it make my character some messed up mental patient. I've always wanted a character that has been made into a sort of loner and that was the only way I could make a teenager without having someone in his house have to rule over him. And I wanted to have this character that doesn't really feel in place in where he currently is so he escaped into the forest and sort of turned into this lone-wolf, and he is only a kid. I wanted to be able to evolve him starting from a low point in the RP.

    I didn't really fill in a preferred job because I'm a kid which is something I really didn't need to be worried about. And I was realizing people were going to put stuff like "Be Rich, Be a CEO, Bounty Hunter" so I really wanted to avoid that. Also, I didn't want to be someone whose life was incredibly horrid in a bio. My character was happy when he was in the woods so his life wasn't full of death, it's just that one event changed him for the better, the worse aspect of him is not wanting to depend on other people.

    Sorry for that long analysis I just didn't want to be judged by the whole "dead parent' ideal, I wanted to be able to pull it off.

    - Thanks
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    Do you think today will be the day Sherlock?
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    Quote from Melamori

    · Minecraft Name: Dodduri

    · Real life age: 15

    · How you found this post: Though browsing for servers

    · IC Name: Melissa Woods

    · IC Age: 17

    · Gender: Female

    · Ambitions: Be a game designer/programmer

    · Personality: Hipster-ish teenage girl with a bit of attitude

    · Preferred Job: To work in the gaming industry as previously said as a programmer or a graphics designer

    · Biography: (Explain how your character ended up here. NOTE: All characters start off in a small apartment with 100$. NOTHING ELSE.) Little Melissa was born in a middle class family. Her parents worked regular jobs received their paychecks once a week, you know just like a normal family. Nothing wrong happened in her life she was kind of spoiled actually. At fifteen years old she was forced to move away because her mother has given birth to new baby twins. They couldn't keep up with the costs for three children so one of them had to move away. She had it hard living on the streets with only a cellphone and a mac. She then took a little shack for rent with two seniors in high school. Her roommates treated her pretty nicely, she got a job as a pharmacist and drew in her free time. Her room mates taught her school related subjects because she didn't have enough money for school. But then one of her roomies started hanging with the wrong crowd and got involved with drugs. He stole from the house and even got as far as killing the other roommate. Melissa ran away. With her one thousand dollars she found a nice place to stay. She rented it and got one hundred back. What happens next is yet to be told. Melissa doesn't know what kind of town she is actually living in.

    (excuse my spelling English is not my first language)

    Your english is great in the application.

    I think what the person means it. That job you picked is realistically impossible because most people that are 17 are in High School. I guess if you're 17 the job you could have it working for a company or business part time and then you go to school.
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    Hopefully we will get an update tonight.
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    ^ if they let you in x]!
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