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    IGN: kreepersKO
    Age: 15
    Discord ID Number (for example Ore#9833) would you be willing to talk?: Jake//Slizo45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)#6299
    TimeZone: Australia
    Why would you like to join: I want a cool laid back tight-knit community that i just can have some fun and do cool builds and such,
    Why do you think you'd make a good addition to the server: I am a fun person to be around, and I have almost 5 years of minecraft experience and I believe I'm a good builder and player.
    Greatest strength: House building, building practical survival things.
    Greatest Weakness:
    Screenshots of builds/Youtube channel if you have one: Dont have a channel.
    What is your favorite fruit? Kiwi Fruit :D

    Hello! I enjoyed reading through your application! However I would like for you to re-apply after taking a close look at the rules.
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