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    Quote from srmingus

    Umm... It's a seed... I don't want you to click anything...

    I think he's referring to this:

    If this helped please click the (+) below in the bottom right!

    Pictures would help people who don't have access to Minecraft at the moment, though.
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    Vanilla Commands - Useful Command Enhancements for Vanilla!
    Formerly OpTalk w/ Modified Give
    The current version is 1.0.7 released on January 20, 2012 for Minecraft server version 1.1.

    Quick Information:

    Vanilla Commands is a mod that provides additional command functionality and other useful enhancements for the vanilla Minecraft server software. This mod enhances commands such as /give and /tp to allow spawning of "damaged" item ids (including using names) and tping to coordinates, respectively. Aside from that, this mod provides aliases for commands such as /unban (instead of /pardon) so you never have to worry if the command is /pardon or /unban - it just works.

    • Talk privately with other ops (as well as the console and vice-versa)
    • Simple to install and use
    • Includes command aliases for vanilla server commands: actually be able to type /unban <player> and more!
      • ip-ban (ipban)
      • pardon (unban)
      • pardon-ip (unipban)
      • deop (demote)
      • list (players, who, online, playerlist)
      • tell (msg, whisper)
      • whitelist on/off (whitelist enable/disable)
      • give (i, item)
      • xp (givexp)
      • toggledownfall (weather)
      • Includes more help-related commands
        • /about - prints version information for this mod
        • /whitelist help - prints whitelist help
        • /commands - prints a condensed version of /help, listing only commands
        • Alerts players before server shutdown so they don't freak out as much when they get disconnected and can't get back on
        • Allows spawning of damaged ids such as coloured wool.
        • Allows spawning of items via their item named (defined in aliases.txt).
        • Spawning items will appear in your inventory unless it is full.
        • Check the current time with /time get 0.
        • Includes Pigyman's "Enhanced Commands" mod. Allows tping to coordinates and spawning items by using their names.

        • Enhanced Commands Usage:

          Teleporting to Coordinates
          /tp <player> <x> <y> <z>

          /tp Ordona 88 68.5 -234.2482

          Notes: Teleporting inside of blocks or too high may kill you, so be careful with where you teleport. Teleporting to blocks very far away may lag the server.

          Spawning items with damaged values:

          /give <player> [id] [amount] [damage-value]

          /give Ordona 6 64 2

          Spawning items via their name:
          /give <player> <alias> [amount]

          /give Ordona red wool 64

          Notes: Aliases are defined within the aliases.txt file and is required to be in the same directory as minecraft_server.jar in order to work.

          Get the current time:
          /time get 0

          Notes: the 0 is required but does not affect anything.

          Op-to-Op Messaging

          Modified Give (spawn damaged ids and spawn item aliases)

          Modified TP (Teleport to Coordinates)

          Broadcasted Op notice when someone uses /toggledownfall

          Player receives notification when they have been given xp (like oping)

          Check the current world time (/time get 0)

          Automatic server shutdown notice

          Command Aliases:

          Whitelist command help (/whitelist help)

          Download the linked file from the 'Download' section below and extract the ZIP file. Using 7-Zip or WinRAR, drag-and-drop the contained .class file into minecraft_server.jar (the EXE version will not work!), leaving the META-INF folder. Place aliases.txt in the same directory as minecraft_server.jar and server.properties. Note: If you do not include the aliases.txt file, you will not be able to spawn items by their name.

          Download (ask for other mirrors if necessary):
          Mirror 1: Dropbox
          Mirror 2: MediaFire
          Mirror 3: Minecraft Workbench

          Old Versions:
          v1.0.6 (MC 1.0.1)

          Mirror 1: Dropbox
          Mirror 2: MediaFire

          v1.0.5_01 (MC 1.8.1)
          Mirror 1: Dropbox
          Mirror 2: MediaFire

          v1.0.5 (MC 1.8.1)
          Mirror 1: MediaFire

          v1.0.4 (MC 1.8.1)
          Mirror 1: http://www.mediafire...llw2w67p5ccow0j

          v1.0.3 (MC 1.7.3)
          Mirror 1: Mediafire

          v1.0.2 (MC 1.7.3)
          Mirror 1: Mediafire

          v1.0.1 (MC 1.7.3)
          Mirror 1: Mediafire

          Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs:
          If you have any feedback or suggestions or if you find a bug, leave a reply in this thread. I appreciate any comments, even if they are simply whether or not you like this mod (reasoning for why you dislike it would be appreciated, though).

          v1.0.7 - January 20, 2012

          * Updated to MC 1.1
          * Fixed /weather alias
          * Updated aliases.txt to MC 1.1

          v1.0.6 - November 29, 2011

          * Updated to MC 1.0 (MCServer: 1.0.1)
          + Command alias: /toggledownfall -> /weather
          + Command alias: /xp -> /givexp
          + /xp now tells the other player that they have been given xp
          + Added unlisted commands (banlist, toggledownfall, xp) to /help
          + /toggledownfall broadcasts a message to all ops

          -> aliases.txt updated to 1.0 (added Dragon Egg alias)

          v1.0.5_01 - October 30, 2011

          * Fixed a text-colour issue with the /about command

          v1.0.5 - October 29, 2011

          > Mod renamed to Vanilla Commands

          + Added /i and /item as aliases for /give
          + Added /about for version information
          * Op-to-op messages are now Gold-coloured.
          * gamemode command change: "<player> already has game mode X" will only notify the player who typed the command, not all ops

          Based on Pigyman's 'Enhanced Commands' mod:
          + /tping to coordinates -- /tp <player> <x> <y> <z>
          + Added ability to check current time with /time get 0
          + Added Enhanced Give (item aliases & items directly to inventory)
          + Added /commands (based off of pigyman's "Condensed Help")

          = Aliases.txt =
          + Updated from MC 1.4 to Minecraft Beta 1.9pre5, but only items up to 1.8.1 can be spawned.

          PLANNED: /survival and /creative commands as aliases to /gamemode <PLAYER> <MODE>

          v1.0.4 - September 23, 2011

          * Updated to MC 1.8.1

          v1.0.3 - August 18, 2011

          + /give now works with "damaged" id's. (Based off of beartard's Modified Give mod) Syntax: /give <player> <id> <amount> <damage-value>

          v1.0.2a - July 29, 2011

          + Added whitelist help - /whitelist help

          v1.0.2 - July 21, 2011
          - Removed [OPTalk] prefix/tag as well as the brackets to make Op-to-Op messages easier to read

          v1.0.1 - July 19, 2011

          + Added a prefix to OpTalk messages to distingiush from "fake" messages (ie: typing /m Deopping Notch would come out the same as /deop Notch)
          + Command alias for OpTalk - / <words> (console), // <words> (ingame)
          * Fixed a bug where every OpTalk message was being saved in ops.txt

          v1.0 - July 18, 2011

          * First public release


          + Command: opt (alias: m) - talk to other ops in private
          + Command aliases added for:
          ip-ban (ipban)
          pardon (unban)
          pardon-ip (unipban)
          deop (demote)
          list (players, who, online, playerlist)
          tell (msg, whisper)
          whitelist on/off (whitelist enable/disable)
          + Added OpTalk commands and most command aliases to help
          + stop command now informs users before stopping
          * Fixed a typo in the original TP command

          Ordona (me)
          Notch (Mojang)
          Searge/team (Minecraft Coder Pack)
          beartard (Modified Give mod)
          Pigyman (Enhanced Commands mod)

          This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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