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    posted a message on Hardcore Mode in Bedrock edition??

    yes! we need bedrock, even tho I'm going to be a java player, I still think bedrock should get it. instead of putting your world on hard mode and when you die delete it yourself. so yes totally

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    posted a message on how do I change my username?

    Thank you!!!

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    posted a message on how do I change my username?

    So I want my name changed to OrchestralChaos585
    but I don't know how to, and I'm wanting everything I'm on changed to that name but don't know how here.
    and I don't want to delete my account either (don't know how to do that either)
    so please if anyone knows please let me know!

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    posted a message on question bout endymen

    when you look an Enderman in the eye he turns hostile, no what if you teleport far far away will the enderman follow you? saying he dosent get in water or anything that will make him neutral.

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    posted a message on worst mob

    ok its not what it looks like not how powerful it is, its what it does. I think the worst mob is the creeper because he, it, purposely explodes itself to kill you it wants you dead so bad it kills itself to kill you. also the zombies bad because it looks for villagers to munch on. what do you guys think?

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    posted a message on steve by the sunset!!!!


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    posted a message on Will I be able to play on a Realm Plus server (on PC) with my friend who is on PS4?

    that's what a realm is its a world that's always on.

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    posted a message on Bedrock on PS4: Worlds Keep Corrupting

    this happened to my sisters they were playing a world on ps4 (before it was updated) then when the update came it converted the world to "ps4 bedrock" and it looks like it set back the world some of there stuff is missing stuff they built is gone and places have moved, I have no idea why.

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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't fun anymore.

    I know how you feel I've been bored playing Minecraft I did everything I've wanted to do (build a wall around my village) so I stopped playing for a while, I suck at PVP creatives boring, when I play multiplayer I'm rarely playing with them. I don't know really what to do so most of the time I would just wander around but I've now come up with ideas for building stuff (currently working on a zombie grinder) I have just now started to play Minecraft again. if you get bored start giving yourself challenges, goals. and yes youtubers do get annoying (I hate Pewdiepie) they do the same thing I see that most of them don't even fight mobs they just run away so I get really annoyed at that and yes the screaming and editing and putting weird stuff in it is rather annoying also. (like I'm watching a good video then he starts swearing so that ruins it). I would suggest thinking of new stuff to build, add-on, give yourself challenges, goals. if your looking for a good youtuber look up socksfor1 he's sometimes loud but not exsesive (don't know how to spell) Dantdm is also good but it depends what you like. hope that helped.

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    posted a message on What is your favorite Minecraft youtuber?

    I don't really like any of them. my fav is Socksfor1 then Dantdm (I love socksfor1 he's just the best YT)

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    posted a message on Recruiting for Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realms, 14+, Survival, Economy

    oh yeah! I have been looking for something like this for a long time!!

    age: 14

    gamertag: hobbobottom

    Discord: {JustAnchor}#6651

    I play on PC bedrock.

    when is the realm open? because I play on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    Quote from awesomepanda49 >>

    "I appreciate all the applications! For now we are done recruiting if you got a friend request from PandaPlayz that is me and accept it. I hope to get in touch soon :D"

    does this mean no more people?

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    posted a message on PC BEDROCK SERVER

    I'm going to be creating a PC bedrock edition WORLD, all ages. do not build at spawn unless you want to setup a shop spawn is going to be the market. currency is iron bars or what ever you want it to be. looking for any bedrock player.


    no griefing, hacking, stealing, swearing in chat (spamming chat), harassing, bullying, pranking (so it does not go towards PVP), no PVP. overall be nice.

    normal survival mode a starter map no cheats on.

    tell me your Minecraft username why you want to play and your discord name (if you have one it would make things easier)

    I am going to create a discord server so we can talk about the Minecraft server I would discord (mic) chat but I'm using the discord web version so I can't. (because the app crashed and I cant install it)

    Minecraft username: hobbobottom

    Discord username: {JustAnchor}#6651

    also put what you like to do in Minecraft and what your good at.

    the catch, I can only play on Wednesday's and Saturday's (very sorry) around 10:00 (something like that) I'll tell you guys on discord when I'm playing on the server if you don't (please get discord) I'll message you on this forum. hope to see you guys on the server(s)!!! its a multiplayer world. not server.

    (if this isn't in the right place I am sorry)

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    hiii! would like to join cause I like making shops and playing with other people been looking for something like this, I love to fight and travel I'm also good at redstone. hope to have fun!

    IGN: hobbobottom

    discord: {JustAnchor}#6651

    edit: I play on bedrock is that ok?

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    posted a message on chat room

    um I don't know if this goes here but I don't know where else. what if this forum had a chatroom? besides discord. I think it would be cool if this forum had a chatroom so people that don't have discord can still talk. (tried to add a pole, didn't work)

    what do you guys think?

    edit: I just saw where to put this, sorry.

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    posted a message on Turtles mate, but do not lay eggs

    wow never heard of that. you sure its the right beach?

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