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UPDATE March 1st, 2016: My entire profile is super cringey I realize, but I don't care. I'm still alive. My time is now mostly dominated by my Xbox One. My Gamertag is CSV Frost and the games I mainly play are: Halo 5, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League, Dying Light, Star Wars: Battlefront, ARK: Survival Evolved, and am getting the Division when it releases, among other games. This site was a big part of my life. I went on to meet new people and even started a revival of the old chat thread. One of my topics in the off-topic is still posted in to this day, and so I thank the community, and all my friends for the adventure. I have mainly moved away from Minecraft, and now I'm 17 years old and am focusing on the games listed above. Thank you all for this. If you would like to contact me, both my Skype and Steam are mistyaxe. If you do not contact me, farewell, I may return again someday.

I bid you hello, my friend. I am Orangeclaw, you can call me Orangeclaw, Orange, Claw, Miner, Or Misty.

Shoutout to Zak_inc for the avatar, he's also a good friend, subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

Le random gif made by Phrossbite:

And le random picture made by Goomboliver (I'm in the back with a black face):

MINECRAFTMy favorite things in Minecraft are:
1. TNT
2. Creepers
3. Creeper Stone
4. Killing You
5. Porkchops
6. Moss Stone

I might get a new Minecraft account too.

PERSONALI don't know if I wanna give about my real name, I'm paranoid of pedophiles. But yeah, I have dark brown hair and gray eyes.

Yeah, I'm socially awkward, like a lot of you guys. Can't really start a conversation or keep it going. Always trying to make sure people don't hate me, which tends to not talking much.

I've been single since ever. Whether it be betrayal or friendzone, I've stayed single.

I am a Christian. There aren't many of those around here, but that doesn't stop me.

FORUMSThe checklist.

1K Posts
5K Posts
10K Posts
100 Rep
500 Rep
1K Rep
100 Friends
200 Friends
Kill Somebody

You will mostly catch me in the Off-Topic, though sometimes I shoot up to Minecraft Discussion.

I've made more friends on this site than in real life.

I am also the creator of The Unofficial Chat Thread, shoot me a PM for details on that.

List of favorite OTters:

For the most part, I've made lots of friends, but lots of enemies, and both for the same reason. I play a major role in the Official Chat Forum. Thanks to Crenox for creating the site. Riptide, Zak_inc, and Pwnguin thank me :3 Want to join up with us? Click my signature.

XBOX LIVEI finally got Xbox LIVE, and my Gamertag is Orangefireclaw, but do not have Minecraft (yet). However, there are a few main games I play, along with some not as often, but I do play sometimes. I accept all friend requests.

Main Games:
Grand Theft Auto V
Halo 4

Other Games:
Borderlands 2
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Halo Reach
Halo 3
Need For Speed: The Run
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

OTHERIf you couldn't already tell, I'm a brony.

We will rule you.

If you're feeling nice, give me an Internet.

Go here if you don't mind.

Some Quizzes:

Yeah, for some reason the entire About Me Page got deleted, so also I'll be improving it every so often.


Minecraft, Halo, Taekwondo, Hanging With Friends, Engineering.

Location Colorado, United States

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