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    Cryptic Server

    Minecraft 1.8.1 SMP ::: Amplified Terrain ::: Whitelist

    UHC Events ::: Test Server

    Welcome to the official application page of the Cryptic Server. This server is mainly for minecraft, but from time to time we play games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive, Battlefield 4, The Forest, Space Engineers, and more!

    Basic Requirements:

    1.) You must be at least 14 years of age to join.

    2.) You must have a semi-decent computer to run games on. (Due to the features of Amplified)

    3.) You must be active on the server, we request you to play at least 3 hours a week on the server.

    4.) You are required to have a skype and teamspeak, so you can receive important notifications about the server.

    5.) Please have a good microphone, communication on this server is important.


    1.) Hacking/Griefing: As every other server, we do not allow cheating or grieving in any form, any signs of grieving or hacking will have you removed from the server.

    2.) Racism: This is not tolerated on our server, and you will be immediately removed.

    3.) Maturity: We prefer mature users on our server, if we feel you don’t meet this simple standard, you will be removed.


    (Please copy the form and use it as your template.)

    You will be notified via skype if we like your application and you will have a meeting with our owners. If you do get accepted, you will receive the ‘recruit’ rank on our teamspeak, and two weeks later you will be voted in or out of the server by our current members. Please, take your time filling out this form, rushing it will reduce your chances of being accepted.

    1.) Nickname (what you want to be called):

    2.)*Minecraft IGN:



    5.) Country (or time zone):

    6.) How long have you been playing minecraft?

    7.) On a scale from 1-10, what is your minecraft knowledge?

    8.) What do you want us to know about you?

    9.) Is there a particular field in minecraft that you feel are good at?

    Thanks, and good luck!
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    Quote from SquareMan

    Nice ideas, but what if instead of Lost Miners being testificates, they're a new mob that will attack you on sight and drop say, iron ingots.

    Or maybe even a pickaxe since they are minners. With a rare chance of getting a ore
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    Quote from williboooooy

    Guys, don't hate me
    i'm just brining the truth and im not lying. i'm skyping with the second herobrine now. he's just a real person!

    I'm and a drawf and I'm digging a hole diggy diggy hole
    Dude your diggin your self a hole
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    Hope you enjoy your ban Sir...
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    Its not bad but I wouldn't call it epic...
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