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    We got horses, coal blocks and now stained glass. Now all I'm waiting for is the pink wither, super hostile mode and the angry chickens.
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    Now this will never work.
    Quote from Lemonstudioz47 »

    me and my friends came up with a very good idea to get the donations
    what we will do is when we get a lot of players and they build stuff we will threaten to shut our server down for ransom so
    like they have to pay $200 if they ever want to play again

    so we threaten them we will shut down after they played for days.

    then when we get a few grand we won't do it anymore.

    Here's what the Wikipedia says about that:
    Quote from Wikipedia »

    In the United States, extortion may also be committed as a federal crime across a computer system, phone, by mail or in using any instrument of interstate commerce. Extortion requires that the individual sent the message willingly and knowingly as elements of the crime. The message only has to be sent (but does not have to reach the intended recipient) to commit the crime of extortion.

    Also he says it will be big, yet I don't even know what it will include or even its name, he spent more time doing other stuff than even planning out the server.
    Quote from Lemonstudioz47 »

    we will give you big 5% donations on our server once we sky rocket

    IF you skyrocket you can do that.

    Can't you just settle with a small server I love small servers.
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    Quote from InfoTeddy

    I found this six days ago:
    No, all I want is to see these unneeded threads to “crash and burn”.

    But thank you for the first person for the first time to think I’m a boy instead of a girl.
    No, you can’t. Wish that would happen, though. No more useless threads like this.Rep’d!Rep’d!

    If you hate this thread and classic, 11 year old, then you hate Minecraft. Classic was the base for everything you see in today's minecraft. It is like the Magna Carta being the base for the Declaration of Independence and these guys just want to preserve it. In the case you don't want to preserve history, 11 year old, then go to the dump. We already lost cave Game, so we can't lose this.
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    So your saying you want to "improve the past". That's not what you're suppose to do. You are suppose to keep it the same way it is in a nice cozy case. It's like coloring on the Mona Lisa since you don't like how it looks.
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    The WWII mod (new parts)
    Okay, here's a big mod idea. I just saw the videos by paulsoarsjr. On the Tale of Kingdoms mod, so I came with my own idea that had an idea like that mod, and also I am a WWII fan myself. Here it is, a World War 2 mod done right.

    So you start off at a randomly chosen base of four different types, a German, Japanese (Axis), American and British (Allies) bases that you could end up in. When you arrive, you become a part of that bases army. Also if you become a part of the Axis, the Allies will fight you and if you become a part of the Allies, the Axis will fight you. So there are people at the base and the all carry the same amount and type of people no matter what country you’re on. There are some types of people there; here are some of them listed below.

    Soldier: just an ordinary soldier, will attack other side's troops or towns if within range.
    Food distributor: will give you one piece of food a day.
    Quartermaster: can change night to day and day to night (you’re supposed to sleep).
    Weapons Specialist: will buy and sell weapons and materials.
    Local leader: will take refugees from towns to stay at the base (though you bring the refugees to him).
    Chef: will buy and sell food and materials.
    Financial Adviser: will hold your money and you earn interest (I will get to the money soon)
    Construction Crew: will build your base when you become a commander (you half to bring the crew to the area where you want to have your base). They also are there to upgrade, build structures
    Commander: commander of the base tells your path to a commander can hire and repair soldiers that will follow you and will repair the base if it is attacked. He can't die.
    That's it for the people in the base, there is only one of each except for the soldier there will be 15 of them. They will be different for each country.

    Now to the money, what is it? Well it is stuff you get for harvesting food, saving refugees, mining and attacking the other side’s bases and villages. These can be used at the weapon specialist to by weapons and to buy food from the chef, you can also hire soldiers from the commander. I want the price for a soldier to be $1500.

    Now there is a path to commander, you can see how close you are to being a commander by going to the base's commander. It's should be a while before you become a commander. When you reach halfway, an attack will happen on the base and the commander will teleport to you and say that the base is under attack, the same when you become a commander. When you become a commander, go to the Construction Crew and you can now build your own base. You can only place one base so choose a wise place (it must be at least 100 blocks away from the base).

    When your base is built, there will be a wall and the inside will be empty. This will place 20 dirt blocks under the area of the base. There will be 3 buildings outside, the first one will be for mining, the second for lumber and the third one is iron. These three resources will be used to upgrade and build structures in the base. You can hire miners and loggers to speed up the production. You can only collect when it is at 64 from the manager there. The construction crew will only take in Iron, wood planks (any kind), and stone in groups of 64. They can hold up to 640 of each item.
    Here are the build you can create:
    Small cabin: Small home for base refugees (can hold 2)
    Medium house: Medium size home for base refugee (can hold 5)
    Large Apartment: Large home for base refugee (can hold 10)
    Arsenal: the area that weapons are sold bought and held. (Weapon Specialist is found here).
    Market: area where all items can be bought and sold. (Find bakers (possible spies), farmers and other people here.)
    Food Market and Farm: area where food is farmed, bought, sold and helps. (Chef and Food Distributor found here)
    Commander's quarters: area where you live at the base
    Barracks: Area where soldiers are hired and healed. (Soldiers and Quartermaster found here)
    Air base: area where pilots are sent to planes to show area, attack other bases and villages, and fight incoming air attacks. You can ride in the planes. There are 3 kinds of planes:
    Bomber: used in attack on other bases and villages. Do heavy damage, but are weak against fighters. (Holds 8 bombs)
    Fighters: used to attack bomber, transportation planes, bases, and other fighters.
    Transport planes: used to send material and goods to the first base, drop soldiers on the other side’s bases (how your base is attacked when you become at the half way point and when you become a commander), send soldiers to the base and send refugees to your base. You can fly out of these planes and the pilot will send it back to base. They can hold up to you and 18 stacks of 64 materials, you and 10 other soldiers or refugees.
    Anti-Aircraft turrets: used to shoot down enemy planes, will never shoot friendly planes.
    Stock Market: able to put money on items and earn money if the stock goes up. The stock goes from 0 to 1000 money. The stock market man is here and
    Hospital: area where potions of healing, regeneration, and food is here. You can hire a field medic here to heal both the soldiers and you when you’re away from the base.
    Spy quarters: area to hire spies to search for enemy bases.
    Naval Station: Is where ships are built. There are 5 kinds of ships.
    Battleship: does heavy damage to anything it fire’s at, but weak against bombers.
    Aircraft carriers: carry all types of planes, but no weapons to defend it.
    Submarine: used to defeat ships from below. You need a clearance of 5 blocks of water to fit in and 15 blocks below water to be undetectable.
    Invasion ships: Like the ones at Normandy, you use this to carry troops and supplies across water.
    ` Cargo ships: used to send refugees and materials across water

    That’s it for your base’s infrastructure; some structures will have to be locked until you upgrade the base. The base’s style should get better as you upgrade (from gravel roads to roads that are made of iron blocks). The walls will get bigger, wider and have more towers. It should only upgrade when you put down all of the basic buildings. It should cost about 320 of each resource to upgrade the base to include more structures. Also all structure will be different depending on country.
    Enemy bases are tough to defeat, but easy to attack. Here are the ways you can attack the base from best to worst:

    Using transport Planes, invasion ships and people on the ground and with all available planes, ships and soldiers.
    Using transport planes and parachuting down on the base from up top with many soldiers and bombers
    Using transport ships to land on water and battleships to take out the walls.
    Using bombers and fighters to take out the base
    Using unsupported Invasion ships to sneak attack on the base
    Just going in the front door of the base

    When an enemy base is destroyed, you can use the construction crew to rebuild the base and it becoming your, but it will be like the original base and you can’t upgrade them. This also goes to the enemy’s towns.

    Now for the towns. There are 4 types of them depending on country and if an opposing side's soldier comes near one, it will attack it until the soldier is dead. Plus, golems will not work, so if the population of a town is 20 or if you try to create one, it will not work. Now they will not always kill the town's people so you can rescue them.Also the people have a player style shape. what you do with them is return them to the original base or to your base's houses. When they come to your base, they can be used as workers in the 3 buildings that create resources if you give them the appropriate tools. You will earn money for bringing them to the bases. You can also just rebuild the towns for the town's people. you can trade with them, but it will be with money rather than emeralds. There are 5 kinds of town's people:
    • Mayor: leader of the town, will trade elegant items such as quartz. One per town.
    • Policemen: protectors of the town. Will attack soldiers, but are weaker.
    • Worker: will trade tools.
    • Citizen: just a random citizen can be of both gender.
    • ​Farmer: farms. Will trade food.
    That's it for the towns and they are a good part of the game.

    Now I want this game to work for multiplayer, I want it to have two options for multiplayer. The first option is to play with friends on the same side. The other option for multiplayer is to have friends be on opposing sides and fight against each other.

    That’s it for the WWII mod, I hope you enjoy the idea and make a mod of it. See you later.
    Also another thing that the server is up, but it just started and nothing there is built yet and the name is now Crestocity. So that’s it for the mod and the server and I’ll see you later.

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    well the butter idea is in production see my post it is a little older than this one and it just dosent add butter go check out my post it is called the butter dimension

    Okaayy, well that sounds good.
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