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    posted a message on Will mods be compatible with 1.16 when it releases?

    Will mods that are of version 1.15.2 be compatible with version 1.16 when it releases? If they aren't then that's a whole lot of waiting for mod updates :(

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    posted a message on Help Moving a big build in my singleplayer world

    There's a forge mod called Structurize which is structure blocks made easy. It allows you to edit large portions of your Minecraft World easily, without commands or any of that confusing junk.

    Download the Structurize mod here

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    (some of these ideas, the ones that are italicized, were taken from SimplySarc's 50 Tiny Ways to Improve Minecraft video.)

    Well, this is a long one! I wrote this in 30 minutes while browsing reddit.

    - There should be frogs in Minecraft, who should be commonly found in swamps and occasionally found near rivers.

    - Lilypads should have occasionally have flowers blooming on them.

    - Duckweed spawns in swamps like grass (they can spawn slightly in the water)

    - Compasses point to your bed spawn point instead of your beginning spawn point.

    - Different types of birds in forests that make nice ambient chirping noises. They are spawned with one spawn egg, like the tropical fish spawn egg.

    - Rivers and streams actually move and flow instead of being static, like something akin to the Streams Mod [1.12.2] by delvr.

    - Stalactites and stalagmites appear in caves, and can hurt you if you step on them. (they grow like plants and drop stone, but very very slowly)

    - Salt can be obtained by drying ocean water with a sponge or finding rock salt in caves. Himalayan salt can be found in the Extreme Hills biome and can have brewing effects. (salt could be used to create jerky)

    - Animals actually procreate in the wild, although a lot slower. Rabbits reproduce quite fast like in real life, and can become a problem if not stopped. Pigs also spawn larger litters than other animals to reincentivize pig farming.

    - Enchanted objects, tools, and books have custom sprites. Examples being: The chopping part of a knockback axe could be a lot wider, fire aspect weapons could be on fire, and enchanted books have different colored bookmarks.

    - Brown bears that can be found in taiga or forest biomes that sleep in caves and steal honey from bee nests.

    - Moose that are also found in taiga biomes that are passive but become hostile if hit. They drop leather and antlers that can be used for potion effects or can be worn.

    - Improved spider wall-climbing animation so they're vertical while climbing up walls.

    - Better herd fleeing mechanics when you hit an animal, to make for more interesting hunting tactics.

    - Swords can swing through grass and tall grass to make killing baby zombies much easier.

    - Nether portal frames can be almost any size (minimum regular size) and can even be irregular-shaped.

    - When leaves decay particles drop to indicate that it is decaying.

    - A command to spawn a hostile mob that is passive for certain creative/display purposes. "Passive" hostile mobs could also have a very rare chance of spawning naturally.

    - Dropped items flash when they are about to despawn.

    - Lakes and ponds in caves with blind cavefish to add more passive mobs underground.

    - A very rare version of a dolphin can spawn with a horn like a narwhal. When killed it drops an end rod.

    - You can cook eggs in a furnace to get fried eggs, which can be eaten.

    - Updated stronghold generation with new mobs, blocks, and items to be found. Strongholds haven't been updated in years and feel quite boring. New additions could be: trap rooms with trapdoors and arrow dispensers, colored glass panes on walls and small statues.

    - Candles can be crafted from beeswax (a new item that can be found in bee nests) and string. They serve the same purpose as torches but cannot be placed on walls and have to be re-lit with a flint and steel. The crafting recipe is the same as torches but replace coal with string and a stick with beeswax.

    (Once crafted they have to be re-lit manually.

    - Torches emit light when held.

    - Slabs can be placed vertically.

    - Torches and flowerpots (and candles!) can be placed on half slabs)

    - A Glow enchantment for armor that requires glowstone that makes your armor glow. Useful for miners.

    - Destroying crops with hoes give you extra crops.

    - Snow falls on fences, gates, and cobblestone walls in snowy biomes for an extra little detail.

    - Hoglins can be tameable and rideable with a saddle. (To tame them requires a few golden apples)

    - Books are dyeable.

    - Sunflowers can make sunflower oil which could be used for... something.

    - A watering can tool that can be used to water dry hoed land. Crafted with a bucket and bottle and can be refilled like a bucket.

    - A new fruit: Oranges. Can be found in dark oak forests and returns slightly more hunger points than an apple.

    - Tomatoes are a new crop that give you lots of them when harvested. You can make tomato soup with a bowl and a tomato.

    - Milk can be cooked and then put in the smoker to make cheese. Cheese can be added to baked potatoes for extra hunger points.

    - Pizza can be crafted with cheese, wheat and tomatoes. Three wheat on the bottom, three tomatoes in the middle and 3 cheese on the top. (It functions like cake where you can eat an individual slice.) It is a square, roman-like pizza.

    - Turkeys can be found in birch biomes and drop turkey, a variant of chicken which gives more hunger points.

    - Spears are a weapon that are crafted by putting one stick at the bottom, one slimeball and one flint. They can be thrown and retrieved like tridents but deal less damage.

    - Jukeboxes show what music disc is playing on top.

    - Bismuth, a new type of rainbow-ish colored ore that looks like bismuth in real life and can be used for decoration. It is very rare and can only be found in the extreme hills biome.

    - It rains and snows in Minecraft, so why aren't there any sandstorms? In deserts, sandstorms can happen and cover things with sand layers (like snow layers but sand instead)

    - Dust bunnies can be found in deserts.

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    posted a message on Underwater Caves and Blind cavefish

    Many people are asking for a cave update.

    A feature of this update could be underground ponds and lakes.

    There could also be blind cavefish inside the ponds to add another passive animal apart from bats, which would be a nice little addition to the game's atmosphere.

    Cavefish and underground lakes already exist in real life, so why not in Minecraft?

    Cave-dwelling fish in real life who have lost their eyes to evolution.

    (An idea of what those fish might look like but in blockier Minecraft form)

    Someone please post this to Minecraft Suggestions. I find their website to be incredibly annoying to navigate and very restricting.

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    posted a message on MineCon 2017? Where?

    Most Minecrafters NOT from America will never get a chance to participate in Minecon. (myself included)

    It's simply too expensive. 99 dollars for a ticket is a bit much, and don't even mention the plane tickets!

    *sigh* I guess my dream of going to Minecon is never happening

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    posted a message on Missing Texture on my Flower Pot block texture. Help please!

    The file is indeed a single texture. It is not an animation

    EDIT: I have figured out how to fix this. Thank you for your help. :)

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    posted a message on Missing Texture on my Flower Pot block texture. Help please!

    So recently I made a flower pot texture, and uploaded it to my resource pack. (There's nothing wrong with the resource pack)

    When I opened Minecraft and went into my friend's realm, the flower pot had a missing texture on it. Help please!

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    posted a message on MineCon 2017? Where?

    Asia! There are a lot of asian players too!

    Is everyone in Minecraft racist?!

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    posted a message on How to Make Custom Music Disk! (Working in 1.8.x)

    It works! Thank you so much! I used it to change ward to the Gravity Falls theme song, and me and my sister love it! :)

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    posted a message on AidenR0's Elytra textures | Free elytra textures for use

    I love these so much! My favorite is the Monilytra! I love these! Thank you! :)

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    posted a message on How do i combine two skins?

    This is a very useful skin editor, check it out!



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    posted a message on Derpy Diamonds

    I would give it a shot, but the textures look too ugly. Please improve them.

    (no offense)

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    posted a message on 1.10-pre1 Taiga Village Seed

    Cool!!! Awesome seed :D!!!

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    posted a message on Where is The Husk and Stray in 1.10?

    Thanks for the advice :D

    I was confused when I didn't see the husk and stray spawn eggs too.

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    posted a message on [1.8] | Plains Spawn | Mushroom Island 200 Blocks From Spawn (Connected To Plains) | Ocean Monuments |

    That sounds sick! I'm going to try it out right now!

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