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    posted a message on Which button would you press?
    the real problem is, if you give a village in africa wealth beyond imagination, they would be killed and robbed.

    thats what happens when you introduce wealth into an area of mass conflict and turmoil. they are poor as is the surrounding. either button you press will cost lives.
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    posted a message on What did you do on the first day of minecraft
    walked around, broke some blocks. on my first day we didnt have mobs yet, or much in the way of anythign really, other then a world with lots of grass.
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    posted a message on What Would Improve Redstone In Vanilla Minecraft?
    there are to many things in this thread i think would destroy redstone, namely making it easier, more user firendly.

    im not for colored redstone, or insulated wires, to me, it subtracts the value of some awesoem thigns done. i dont want magic blocks, things like detector blocks that can be programed. maybe blocks that can detect something fine, but nothing that can have input (i.e the fire3 block detector above)

    some realyl simple wishes, redstone move with the block its on. allow it to fit in half block area, nothi8ng that hasnt been asked for already i supose. but to many things suggested i think are to advanced or complex for the simplicity of redstone. like RH said in the OP, there should be nothing that just emulates an effect, redstone is all about having binary, and turning it into things. im not even honestly in love with the idea of detector blocks, because we can already do that. honestly if it can be built with redstone, we shouldnt have a block emulate a whole componete. the repeters i got, but a detector block is something we can already make, reducing somethign that complex into a magic cube seems to just dumb down the whole process.
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    posted a message on The 'millionaire' thing.
    him being rich or not doesnt exempt him from being a lazy coder. he went from cosntent updates to both the game and his blog, excited rants about future prospects, concept art. he was a giddy kid who had a dream. then the game got big and he did a content update once in a while, he stopped posting on his blog, he no longer shared his dreams and disires.

    the problem is, the game already achived more then he ever hoped it could, and he lost his ambition. its not an uncommon thing to happen, but it happens and it happened here. so he started getting lazy with what he did, he added less and less, and started to take m,ore and more time away from coding, and then nothing. even when he got a full team on the game they achomplished less in a year, then he use to do in a month.

    reguardless of how much money he had, he got bored with mc, because it grew as large as it would ever grow, there was nothing left for him to gain with it, he has no competitors in the genre that can touch him. so why bother.

    and thats the truth, im not bad mouthing him, i not blameing him. this is just how it is.
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    posted a message on Time for a ragestorm
    i wouldnt even call it s a "source" or birng it up at all. its a statement made by some guy with no connection to mojang, and witout any sources of his own to validate anything. this is just spreading rumors.
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    posted a message on In Depth Minecraft 1.1 Update! Bow Enchantments, Armor Changes, Mob Eggs and more!
    thank you for making the video, the one released by curse was terrible and really didnt go over anything.
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    posted a message on What use are enchants after The Great Nerf?
    only useful enchants are tool enchants.

    armor is stupid strong, and to be honest the base dmg of swords were already alot, its not worth my timeto enchat a sword to use one less hit.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on the 1.1 Update
    just swapped it to pirate, never going back.
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    posted a message on And again an update without any new blocks! :|
    Quote from Eddz0r

    So new blocks... from what material? what purpose should it have? craftable or nature? somebody ideas? no?

    well new source blocks are always fun, there are tons of things that could be done.

    new craft recipies would be nice, for example mix dye with sand while smelting to have colored glass, doesnt seem that hard to add, textures are very easy adds.

    EDIT: adding to that theroy, i know paint was a long asked for addition, simple enough crafting again dyes with water, maybe some other ingredient added to make sense, colors the source blocks, so your hosue doesnt have to be flamable because you want it nice and purrty.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 is completely Unbalanced.
    my suggestion

    easy- minecraft as it is now. you are superior to all enemies naked

    normal- without armor, fighting poses a good risk, zombies still wotn pose a big problem, but skellies start to hurt. creepers kill in either 1 or 2 explosions. diamond armor is where iron armor is now you are equal to most enemies naked

    hard- fighting without armor or weapons is suicide, zombies can still be done, but it takes awhile, skellies will drop you most of the time and creeper kill in one explosions. leather armor is slightly better then nothing, allowing you to atleast survive enouncters long enough to deal with one or two enemies or fleeing. iron armor gives you the protection you need to survive a creeper, or a skelyl ambush, but wears out faster then it does now, diamond armor puts you on Equal ground witht he enemies, in effect you are the equivelent of no armor on easy mode you are inferior to al enemies naked, and only equalw ith diamond.

    the reason why i say even with diamond armor you stand equal toe enimies (as you are now naked) is becuase of enchanting, in hardmode enchanting should become mandatory, if you ignore it then it only turns you into a god later, if you adjust with it in mind you can mitigate godhood.
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