About Me

Hey all!

I would like to start by saying that I have been a minecraft addict since Beta..

Proud of it but at the same time I'ts not that great xD

It is a bit stressful keeping up with the greatest and newest builds out there, but at the end of it all you can look back and marvel in the wonders of what you have made in this amazing game.

I'm a bit shy at first so please don't be offended if I seem like I don't want to talk.. :|


Minecraft Server Dev.

I play card games every now and then when I have some spare time,

but for the most part my life is dedicated to minecraft.

I love Monster Hunter Series,

My first game my closest friend gave it to me which was Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP, I just instantly fell in love with the graphics and the game-play.

I play League of Legends frequently when im waiting for something to happen either a big file being uploaded or downloaded or when im waiting for my food to be delivered xD unless i go out and get food or make food myself, as you can tell I love food =P

I am a huge fan of the Greek zodiacs and MMOs.

Location The Continent of Kreashen

Profile Information

Minecraft Serpentarie PSN Zodiac Network Steam Ophiuchus Twitch Ophiuchus_13