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    Quote from Ep!Creations

    Fed up of checking your "Let's Play" thread day in, day out, every time disappointed at the lack of feedback?

    Do you think you're the 'next big thing' but don't know how to get 'that' edge, purely because no one's giving you a chance?

    I'm sure you know as well as we do how hard it is to improve a series without a bit of constructive criticism.
    Well you're in the right place! Simply watch the video in the previous post, give some real useful feedback (at least 3 sentences, otherwise your video will be ignored), post your video, then either revel in the praise or find out what it is you need to get ahead. Who knows, you might even stumble upon your next favourite series.

    It's as simple as that! :biggrin.gif:

    I'll kick us off :smile.gif:


    Hey guys. Let me first state that the editing in you video is awesome and in some many ways i now have edit envy.
    there that is the good bit. now for the critisim. first thing that I noticed is that it might have been easier to but a half block over the line of water on your farm so that you can walk over it and collect eaiser. And i know your saying but wait, if i hold shift i can walk over it and not cause the tilled dirt to go back to normal. but come on who wants to squat down all day to collect wheat. and the second and small side note, will you PLEASE get that coal that is in the small cave. It is driving me nuts, Just staring at me daring me to mine. Thanks for the post. I think this is a great Idea. P.S. What editing software do you guys use. I am still using Windows Movie Maker and while free and decent it doesn't give me the options that I want.

    MangoMy submission is one of my recent builds. A hot tub. Oh you know that you want to see it. It involves fire, Love, Romance, Sex, OK i'm just kidding about the love, romance, and sex. But there is fire. I hope everyone enjoys it.
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