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    1:why would you like to be admin? i would like to be a admin because i
    can bring friendly people to ur server adn make it a fun environment, i
    also have some experience with being a admin and all the commands a
    admin has and is capable of.

    question 2:What
    experience do you have? i have the experience of all the commands a
    admin is capable of. i also had my own server at one time.

    question 3:Have you ever advertized on a sevrer? yes

    question 4:Your age? 19

    Question 5:Your ign?

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    IGN silent_nob_spark

    Age 17

    Skype( not required but helps) sparkles1221

    best skill mining and a admin and kinda at building

    I accept the rules indeed
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    IGN: silent_nob_spark

    Do you have skype?: sparkles1221

    Role you're applying for: admin

    What previous experience do you have in the role: i have been a admin and a mod adn a owner on a few differnt server so i aknow how to do some plugins and i know how to moniter the server

    How active are you?: active

    What would make me want to choose you?:becasue i can bring loyalty and i can make sure that no one is rue on the server and make sure everyone is doing what the are suppoe to be doing.
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    ok sweet :D
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