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    I'm red-green colorblind, Protonopia as the proper term. I was wondering if anyone else here was too. Anyone that says yes will undoubtly be male because the chance in females is 1 in 50,000 if the gene is present, or something, I just got really unlucky.
    People that aren't don't seem to understand & shove things in my face asking me what color I see. In school, my go-to answer was that it'll be brown when I shove it up their ass. Now I explain that they should think of a bumper sticker that's been left on a car for 5 years- that you can still see the colors, but they're faded, so similar colors look alike. I explain that purple is blue, & I can't tell the difference between red & brown M&Ms unless I put them nest to each other.
    Anyone else have to deal with this? Please don't be a douche, as I am unfortunately serious.
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    posted a message on Anyone besides me hate the new wood placement system?
    The whole sideways thing is okay, but it's not done right. Why can't they make it like stairs used to be, where it was determined by wether you were aiming at a top or side? If part of the trunk of one of my trees gets blown up, there's always at least two blocks I can't put back right, because it puts the wood sideways, even though I'm aiming at the block below it. I have to either dig down next to it, or build up, which can't always be done in my tree village.
    Has anyone else been annoyed by this?
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    I think it's some bug that they're fixing in the next patch. Or someone put on some Barry White & gave em some viagra.
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    posted a message on Good? or need to add things?
    Quote from TJ1122334

    The chair would look better with signs on the ends instead of the fence/plate combo. The redstone torches would look better hidden. The black wool is supposed to be a pair of sub-woofers right? If so, Take out the fence and make it two blocks of black wool on top of each other with buttons on both. The room should have a carpet though, I'd recommend red wool, as it would go nice with the black wool. Replace the stairs with slabs to make the decline gentler and try to light it without torches. Other than all that good job.

    Yeah, I agree. Good way to hide the Redstone Lamps- dig 2 deep, place torch, then lamp. It'll look like cool ultra-modern floor lighting. Do it in the four corners & it'll look cool..Also, why so small a tv? Make a 2x2 or 3x3 square with a painting, big screen. Definitely put the signs as arm rests instead of tables. You can do it with small chairs too. Try this- make a chair out of a step, add signs to each side, & place a half-slab at the foot of it. It'll look like a recliner! Oh yeah, some bookshelves wouldn't kill ya- you can always say their dvd racks.
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    posted a message on It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Manson!
    I put every one of these pumpkins in place myself, & took out certain ones to "carve" it. I think he looks pretty cool, but I'm considering giving him evil eyebrows. What do you think?

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    posted a message on I think Minecraft's terrain generator hates me
    Mine likes to put above-ground lava pools in the middle of a forest, so it sparks a huge forest fire. Smokey the Bear was pissed.
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