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    posted a message on Which Minecon cape do you like best?

    2011 definitely, the 2012 one doesn't really fit minecraft and honestly looks like something more from Runescape and is generally my least favorite. 2013 and 2015 are tied for 3rd place.

    Also, the image for the 2016 Minecon cape will not load/is broken but is 2nd place for me.

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    posted a message on Downloaded Minecraft File from PSN but it won't open

    I think what might've happened is that your world was made on the legacy version of minecraft which is very different to Bedrock edition, and will not work even with PSN backup. You could buy a physical copy of the legacy version for PS4 and do that there, and since it's code uses Java it might even work to back it up to PC Java edition.

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    posted a message on This is normal?

    A village extending out to a different biome? Yes, and it happens regularly even with the other biomes' village variants.

    Or do you mean them spawning over rivers/water? That also happens regularly and is very annoying.

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    posted a message on Make Minecarts FASTER!!!

    I agree but this seems to be a protest rather than a suggestion. lol

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