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Hi Miners, Crafters, and story-book writers! This is OnceInALongTime, call me Oncie. I first came to these forums to play adventure maps, but I am more known now and active in the Literature Section. Where I have made a ton lot of maybe-I-can-call-them friends and fellow writers. I put some links below.

My Books: Visions To The Past: Enderworld

My Parody: Before I Die project (rightfully owned by Candy Chang)
My Poems: Oncie's Collection Of Poems
My Forum Games: Dumb Ways to Die and What Would You Say?

My deviantART: SpiderwebWisher

I love to write and read. Occasionally, I would sketch and draw stuff when I'm bored. I'm eleven years old and in some way mentally advanced in the world of literature, hence my interest and love for it. Wow, that sounded cheesy. I am a Capricorn, for all you zodiac lovers out there, and I hope I will become a published author soon.

My favorite books are that of Neil Gaiman and favorite songs are that of Coldplay or Sara Bareilles. I'm an Enderman Lover and Supporter, hence my favorite colors are black and purple. And turquoise too. If you wanna ask me for help or anything you might think I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask me. Just PM me!

If you need to contact me, email me at [email protected]. Yes, it is a very long email, is it not? Yes, I think it is. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and happy writing!
Interests -Writing -Playing the keyboard while singing - Astronomy and the stuff of stars -Writing and reading The Sandman, by Neil G. -Sketching and drawing comics -Writing -Having friends -Playing WoW and Minecraft -Did I mention writing?

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