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    posted a message on Looking for people to join Survival Server
    • IGN: ARichMD

    • Age: 17

    • Where your From: Northeast Illinois

    • Time Zone: North American Central

    • What you would like to do in server: Have some fun, help each other out with big builds. Playing single player is really boring and I would like to actually play this game with other people.
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    Out of Character InformationIGN: ARIchMD
    Do you wish to join our community Skype chat? If so, what is your Skype username? (This is optional)
    Not yet, but maybe soon.
    Have you read and agreed to both the rules and the lore of the server?:
    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?:
    Forcing roleplay onto another character, not giving them a choice to react
    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?:Using knowledge that your own character would not have
    What is the definition of “Roleplay? Acting like another person, such that the roleplayer develops a story about themselves that is not their own life
    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?:
    Someone who wants to be permanently banned (no one)
    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?:During RP duels, but only under realistic circumstances.
    When are you allowed to speak out of character?:Only when absolutely necessary, and in ((double parentheses)).
    Do you have any previous RP experience, Minecraft or elsewhere?I used to play World of Warcraft a long time ago.. I was about 11
    .Character Information
    Name:James McMortimer
    Class:Woodsman, berserker
    Physical description:Short, stout, strong. Wears an orange toga, as is normal for a monk.
    Screen capture of your skin:
    View Monk
    I really hope that worked..
    Biography (Minimum 300 words. No clichés such as loved one being killed by robbers or the like.):James McMortimer's mother, a resident of the isles of Gart'Nun, was unable to give birth to her son, so the child had to be lethally removed. That night, James's father went to a tavern in frustration over the loss of his wife. He got into a scuffle and was stabbed, and died from an infected knife wound to the rib. McMortimer, a newborn, was subsequently sent to a monastery to be raised by the monks, and conformed to the monastic way of life. During this time, James took apprenticeship to a lumberman, where he learned his life's trade and passion, carpentry. He grew up in this holy school, and attended its masses until he turned 20, when troubled times befell upon the monastery at which McMortimer was living, as the abbot (a leader of a monastery) died at the age of 67, leaving a power vacuum in his academy. James used his knowledge of carpentry to earn his money for about 5 years, but there was a major problem in living on islands: a very low supply of wood. Faced with this issue, James McMortimer made a life-changing decision: to drop everything and settle in the western colonies.
    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation):James wants to pursue his passion and hone his skill: woodcutting. Not ever exposed to monsters, James will soon develop a particular hatred toward creepers.
    Strengths (Both physical and personality):James has very strong arms. He is able to take a hit and can handle an axe. Being raised in a monastery, he is almost incapable of breaking the moral code that his abbot passed to him - that is including, but not limited to, inability to harm another human unless absolutely necessary, putting extreme effort toward even menial tasks, and having advanced knowledge of mathematics.
    Weaknesses (Balance out yours character's strengths with suitable weaknesses. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. I.E. Not knowing how to use a bow as a miner.):McMortimer is not, by any stretch, a runner. While in shape, he is just not very fast. James has a very lawful disposition and will try to stop any evils he comes across, even if the deed is self-defeating. He is distrustful of authority figures that he does not approve of, which could be either a strength or weakness, depending on the circumstances. McMortimer has no idea how to handle a bow; his only skill in combat is hitting enemies with a sharp object.
    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation. Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)Due a recent accident, you wander the dark quiet streets of the town with a broken ankle trying to make your way home:"Why are these stupid roads made of such idiotically unstable stone? Certainly I am not the first to have this issue.." James McMortimer pondered the conflicts of a frequent walker as he carved himself a crutch to help him on his way home. Fortunately, a passing tailor was willing to make him a cast in exchange for a few pieces of silver. Upon finishing both of their tasks, the two men parted and James made it back to his cottage safely. Since he carved himself a crutch, he was still able to practice his trade and continue generating income.
    In a tavern, a stranger threatens you to fight him/her:James was in a bad way, and needed to think quickly. He decides, in a pinch, to shout to everyone in the tavern, "Someone help this man, he is carrying the plague!". The subsequent commotion gave him a chance to escape. He waltzed home that night, somewhat proud of his fast wits, and his ability to solve such a puzzling conflict without hurting anyone. He had known from experience that his accuser would be ejected from the tavern regardless of whether he was actually sick, so James's almost-opponent would be punished.
    Your superior asks for a favour you would have problem doing:"Your holiness, it is cruel, illogical, and self-defeating to try to eradicate the sharks from the local waters. We would be disrupting an extremely delicate balance of nature." James was disgusted that Abbot Richards would even suggest such a horrible idea, and was beginning to question the integrity of his life-long role-model. In fact, James saw this as a sign - the abbot was falling victim to the dementia of old age! Soon enough, he will be unfit to run the monastery and someone else would have to lead the sect.
    Lore QuestionsList three causes for the fall of the Empiracle:
    Political complications, mountain clans uprising, and war with the southern kingdoms.
    Who is proposing an expedition to the western lands?:The Braxians (Rauric III)
    Where is the expedition to be launched from?: Roland's Field.
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    posted a message on Do you think Lapis will ever have a proper use?

    It's real!

    Anyway, it's mainly mined in the middle east and the Sahara. It has a wierd ancient civilization vibe to it. I would love to see someone summon a mummy army with a lapis offering in an adventure map.
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    posted a message on The biggest stack of bad advice you'll find LOL
    36. Lava repairs armor if it is enchanted. Just toss your armor into a pit of it.
    37. The ender Dragon is friendly and wants wants to hug you.
    Remember to number these
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    posted a message on New Mini game idea - Ghast Blast
    To limit the flying away of ghosts, you will want to build this at the corner of the world. It should not be too hard,just lots of stacking bedrock
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    posted a message on TEKKIT Xbox 360 $20
    Hypothetically, couldn't someone with programming knowledge just reverse-engineer the game to add these things? It would be illegal but no one would know. This would be especially easy with the disc version coming out.
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    posted a message on Minecraft XBox 360 Modded Controller
    You have some serious talent there. Very nice job.
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    posted a message on Awesome Edge Of World Discovery.... Must Read!
    Thanks man. The minecraft world is a bit richer because of this!
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    posted a message on No End Portal?
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix

    Try X-raying the area by having pistons push TNT into as you're pressed against a wall.
    Strongholds can (and usually are to an extent) split into different areas...stupid caves and walls of splitingness.

    You can do this with glowstone too if you are afraid of blowing yourself up. Portal frames are indestructible, so you can blow the fort up if you want to take a fun excavation approach.
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    posted a message on Nether Reset....wait, what?
    Quote from RADIOACTIV56

    Look on soulsand deposits. They don't just spawn in fortresses. My fortress still does not have one, but they spawn everywhere else.

    Just keep looking, dont get discouraged. Some will turn up soon.
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    posted a message on ReflexCraft [Minigames] [Hunger Games] [PvP] [Survival]
    Tags: AboveGreat 4 and Suh Lil Oh Quy
    Ages: 15 and 17 respectively
    activities: games and survival

    This sounds really cool, can't wait to join you guys
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    posted a message on City RPG [Jobs][Houses][Mining] And much more
    Tag: 2 of us, Suh Lil Oh Quy and AboveGreat 4
    We would be happy to join ya
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