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    I was on omegle the other day, using the video chat feature, and I came across two American teenager. Not ten seconds in, and I was being called ****** while they repeatedly flashed the finger. I humored them, pretending to be some terrorist (I don't look like a terrorist, right?) They were hyper-nationalistic and refused to listen to whatever-the-**** I had to say.

    Now I assumed this was not what most of them (Americans) where like, so I looked for another person to chat with. After 15 refreshes (mostly masturbating men) I finally got another American. This time I was greeted with loving curses and swearing about how I am making the world a horrible place. (I think they believed I was Muslim.)

    I tried again. 5-ish refreshes and I got a group of Americans. They seemed intelligent because this time I was greeted properly. We had a nice conversation for a while until it came to the point that we talked about religions. Okay, now I ask them for their religion, and they say "Hey you muslim ******, just die by yourself or something. We don't need you to **** up our world. GO AMERICA!"

    I left. And I switched to the text feature.

    I was greeted warmly by my first chat partner. I told him about my experiences with the Americans and he agreed that most of them are like that. He is from England, but he lives in New York right now. I told him about two nice French girls (No, it's not what you're thinking. They offered to teach me French.) and how they were very hospitable.

    America, Y U racist?
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    Recently, someone posted links to old versions of minecraft which allowed people who haven't bought the game to pirate it. My suggestion is creating an archive for older versions of the game only accessible by people who have bought the game.

    Ideas? Comments? Insights? THOUGHTS?
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