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    posted a message on Cool castle I built in 20 minutes
    Some critiques-

    Good : Block variation.
    So-so: Shape/Form. You should try to add details.
    Bad: Block choice. (Just the floor, really.) If you're making a mostly-stone castle, try using cobblestone.
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    posted a message on Speedtest.net Results and General Internet connection and ISP Discussion

    Yeah, this was four months ago. Still the same, but I can't post a more recent test since I'm out of town.
    We pay PHP3999 for it every month, ~80 dollars.

    (Notice it's faster than 98% of the Philippines.)

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    posted a message on Suggest a Laptop
    <--- Twelve year old kid in a third world country.

    My dad doesn't give me a big allowance. Usually I get 15-20$ a week, but food (from school) takes up most of that. Besides, he's a lawyer, and he handles a lot of high-profile cases. In fact, we had lunch and the bill was Php 12,815. (284$)
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    posted a message on Suggest a Laptop
    <-- 12 year old kid.
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    posted a message on Suggest a Laptop
    So, my dad finally realized that my current laptop is crappy, and decided to buy me one, on the condition that it will suit my needs. (i.e. no 16 gigabytes of RAM, or 2 Terabytes of disk space. >.>)

    My needs:
    -Maybe 2+ hours of battery life.
    -Able to run Minecraft on fancy, with 100+ fps WITHOUT optifine.
    -Should be able to run most games on medium/low settings.
    -Should not overheat.
    -Preferably a 14" or bigger screen.

    Light gamer, hardcore student.

    Note: The price doesn't really matter right now. His client just paid him, and now he has money to spend.

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on What do other countries think of Americans? (USA)
    A country full of idiots~

    1. I speak better English that most Americans. (Yes, I know it doesn't come from the USA, but you have to be impressed.)
    When I went to America for a short while, I was allowed to study at an elementary school for a couple of days just to learn how their system works. I felt insulted there. When I said that I was from the Philippines, one student asked "What part of India is that in?"
    The students, and some teachers, were biased against me. It was obvious that some teachers were talking in a way that was mocking me. The only teacher that was kind to me was my English teacher, because she was surprised that I could fluently speak English.
    The students were horrible. There were these kids that called me a monkey, so I broke one guy's phone by kicking it from his hand. (iPhone, *****) I overhead this girl talking about me, how I ruin the world because of my religion and blah-blah-blah (They thought I was a Muslim.) I wanted to 'slip' and spill my milk on her, but I didn't want to get another strike.
    In the end, it was all worth it because... **** it. America is a horrible place. I have never known a country whose people are more racist/meaner than America.

    3. In the Philippines, we're so awesome, we eat developed (AS IN, IT HAS A HEAD AND IT HAS LEGS) duck embryos. In America, they eat boogers. :|
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    posted a message on 4x4 Redstone TV with Mods
    The mods I used are there, in the description.
    How I made it is also there, in the description.
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    posted a message on Your opinion on "little kids" and video games
    I'm fine with them playing anything, as long as they know what's right and wrong.

    My classmate played CoD when he was very young and now he is a constant threat to everyone. I have gotten a black eye from him, and he has broken another classmate's arm. He also bit my ear. Did I say he is incredibly smart? Being smart =/= knowing if what you do hurts people or not.

    The first game I ever played was Dora's Adventures (Eff no, you 'lil perv. I was 3 years old then.) And it taught me to be kind and helpful and all that. Then, when I was 7-9, I learned about Counter Strike and Battlefield 2. It taught me violence and that my enemies should be killed. Even though I learned those things, I dropped them because I knew that those things don't apply in real life.

    Today, I am a generous twelve year-old who puts others before himself and all that religious stuff they teach you in Sunday school.
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    posted a message on What would you do in a lucid dream?
    Have sex with my hot straight friend.
    (Hope he never finds out.) x)

    Dream about total anarchy.
    Naked anarchy.
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    posted a message on So I was using the video chat feature on Omegle the other day...
    I was on omegle the other day, using the video chat feature, and I came across two American teenager. Not ten seconds in, and I was being called ****** while they repeatedly flashed the finger. I humored them, pretending to be some terrorist (I don't look like a terrorist, right?) They were hyper-nationalistic and refused to listen to whatever-the-**** I had to say.

    Now I assumed this was not what most of them (Americans) where like, so I looked for another person to chat with. After 15 refreshes (mostly masturbating men) I finally got another American. This time I was greeted with loving curses and swearing about how I am making the world a horrible place. (I think they believed I was Muslim.)

    I tried again. 5-ish refreshes and I got a group of Americans. They seemed intelligent because this time I was greeted properly. We had a nice conversation for a while until it came to the point that we talked about religions. Okay, now I ask them for their religion, and they say "Hey you muslim ******, just die by yourself or something. We don't need you to **** up our world. GO AMERICA!"

    I left. And I switched to the text feature.

    I was greeted warmly by my first chat partner. I told him about my experiences with the Americans and he agreed that most of them are like that. He is from England, but he lives in New York right now. I told him about two nice French girls (No, it's not what you're thinking. They offered to teach me French.) and how they were very hospitable.

    America, Y U racist?
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    posted a message on ITS TROLLTIME
    Belongs HERE
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    posted a message on What kind of girl/guy do you like?
    And I thought you were a blue-skinned fanged girl. o.o
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    posted a message on What kind of girl/guy do you like?
    I don't know why, but I am attracted to skinny funny white guys. Too serious, we wouldn't get a long. Too fat, we wouldn't be compatible. Too dark, and we might put people to sleep.
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    posted a message on Things People in Your Area Say
    In the Philippines, people who act gay are called "bakla".
    People who are weird are called "bakla".
    Important people are called "bakla".
    Most famous people are "bakla".
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    posted a message on Do I look... Indian?
    Let me say that I have nothing against Indians. Okay? Okay.

    I am different. I am a foreigner in my own country. Because of my awkward skin tone, I am always mistaken for an Indian when I go around. I speak fluent English, which is rare in my country, so people tend to treat me differently.

    There are two ways you can speak English in my country.
    1. The normal, no-accent and natural English.
    2. The hyper-gay English. (forced accent, forced falsetto)

    You only hear the first one in the classroom, and in some private schools. You hear number two everywhere else, like the streets, television and on the radio.

    Now back to the main topic. My English is good. My Tagalog? Not so good. Bad, even. I can't talk in public without getting weird stares from dirty-looking people. It's like they're warning me. I can feel their irritation. I know that I irk them, but I don't know why.

    Now I'll break to another topic again. I will describe a stereotypical lower-class Filipino.
    1. Dresses like a stereotypical black guy.
    2. Dark brown, like chocolate.

    I am usually scared when I see a person like this entering whatever eating establishment I fancy at a given time. It's always awkward, how he asks for some of your ulam (viand) but you simply can't give him some because you know that if you do, he will keep on doing this. But you also know that if you don't, he will starve. I pretend to talk to someone on the phone whenever I encounter a situation like this, because I don't want to look at his innocent looking eyes.

    Here's what a middle-class Filipino is like:
    1. Dresses like a middle-class American, with slightly cheaper brands.
    2. Skin color ranges from white to dark brown. This is because they spend most of their time indoors.

    Yeah, this is a basic Filipino. A mostly American lifestyle except we have more DoTA.

    I like dressing in nice clothes. I like wearing expensive things. Call me girlish, but sometimes I worry that someone else is wearing exactly what I'm wearing. The problem with showing off is that you're instantly a target. With a third of the population living in poverty, you never know how desperate one can be. It's sort of sad that the only time you would be able to wear your favorite four-thousand peso ($100) shirt is to your family's once-a-decade reunion. Or the only time that you can wear your favorite Swatch is when you visit your friends in the province? It's like having a second house full of clothes, but being told that you would only be able to enter it once a year.

    One time I rode a jeepney (PUV) with my classmate. I started talking to him, and after 2 minutes I realized everyone stopped talking and just stared at me. My zipper was not open, there was nothing in my nose, nothing in my teeth, yet everyone was staring at me. I paid my fare and got off. I knew that a moment ago, there was a jeepney full of people that hated me.

    TL;DR I look Indian. I sound Indian. I'm not Indian. People treat me as a foreigner in my own country, and that sucks.
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