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    The suggestions i have seen are all to do with changing the client. This assumes that the timeline of a griefer goes like this:
    Griefer joins server > Griefer griefs > Griefer is banned.

    When in reality, the timeline is this:
    Griefer creates account > Griefer joins server > Griefer griefs > Griefer is banned.

    The problem stems not from the griefing itself, but from the fact that the griefer has an account.
    The griefing shouldn't be made difficult, the creation of an account should.

    What i propose is that each account be linked to a specific email address, and there is only one account per email address.

    For example:
    Username: Barry
    Password: blahblahblahblah
    Email: [email protected]

    This means Barry can only have one account using his email address, if he wants a new account, he has to make a new email address, which is becoming increasingly more annoying year by year. Yes, some griefers will go out of their way to make new accounts - but i believe it would be a large deterrant for alot of them.

    This idea requires implementation of another idea: Account bans.
    You are banned from lets say, 5 servers - Your account becomes banned, meaning you can no longer access the game using that account. As the account is linked to the email address used, you can no longer have an account using that email address.
    The reason i have selected 5 bans instead of one is because some servers will just ban you if they suspect griefing, without solid evidence.

    This rule would obviously be different for full accounts - it could be moved up to say, 20 bans allowed.

    Anyway, that concludes my idea. Discuss!
    I'll happily take questions too. :smile.gif:

    I forgot to mention, accounts would also need to be verified. So if you make an account using an email address, a verification link will be sent to that email address.

    More messing around, making it more annoying to create multiple accounts.
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    Been playing Minecraft for a couple of months now so i thought it was about time i dropped by to say hello haha.

    So, hello! How is everyone? :smile.gif:
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