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    posted a message on Book of Swords (Twelve Swords of Power) possible?

    I'm not a modder, so I can't even hope to begin to do anything like this, but I've had this idea kidking around in my head for a while. There's this author, Fred Saberhagen, some of you may know of him, or maybe not. He wrote this series "The Books of Swords", about a collection of ancient and powerful weapons.

    Most of these would only be worth anything on a server, and some may or may not be possible, but here's the basics if anyone wants to try it.

    (In poetic form)
    The Song of Swords

    (In encyclopedia form)
    Wikipedia "Books of Swords"

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    posted a message on More Enchantments version 1.3- Now for 1.8

    Might be adding this to RemnantCraft (not on any official launchers, because Curse doesn't like one of the Flans Mod content packs I'm using and Technic doesn't like Dropbox links anymore), haven't decided 100% yet.


    It's a modpack based on/inspired by Rooster Teeth's animated series "RWBY". Mainly made for mambers of the RWBY subreddit, myself, and members of a couple RWBY communities I'm part of.

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    posted a message on Dungeon Mobs (reference to new thread in last post)
    Had a message-less crash using this mod plus Morph (basically added this mod and a couple others to a personalized version of the Attack of the B-Team modpack, but the crash coincided with a Morph event and one of your mobs, and no other modded items/blocks/mobs that weren't from your mod were in the vicinity). I killed a Shrieker, and since the auto-morph-on-first-kill option is enabled, I morphed into it. As soon as I began to morph, the game crashed with no error message. I'm not sure which crash log file to use for submitting a report (there are client and server ones in the crash reports folder, even though I'm playing in singleplayer, so I don't know which I need, or if I need both, or what).
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][SSP/SMP] Fossil/Archeology: Fans Renaissance [V1.0] - Recruiting!
    Can't get it to install with FTB (Direwolf pack, with a few additions, namely Household Gods, Little Maids, Decorative Chimneys, Necromancy, a couple random mods added by friends of mine - I think it's Fishnets, Ruins, Thaumic Bees, Extra Bees).

    FTB launcher extended log is here http://pastebin.com/M0D5B7nd

    Edit to add: I also have ID Resolver (as well as Meteors and Sword Pedestal, but I was having the same problem before I installed those two), so it shouldn't (but still could, if ID Resolver is choking for some reason) be an item/block/sprite id issue (it's saying I still have plenty of each available).

    EDIT again: Anyone who recognized (and is a fan of the source material of) my display pic will know why my post count excites me! 3 more posts!
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    posted a message on Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]
    Gonna wait until there's more than just the few that are in now before I download it, but it looks awesome!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [ModLoader] Super Hero Mod V1.0 (The Avengers Update)
    Quote from kiteman

    Interesting. Where did you find that?

    Not FireBirdFrensy, but:

    In the comics, the Thor movie (not the Avengers movie, but the Thor solo one), Norse mythology... I could go on.
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    Got the server issues figured out yet? I got all ---EXCIT---ED when I saw you say it was up (and sad because I managed to miss the up-date by like half a month), then I saw you say it wasn't.

    EDIT: Side-note, I'm 6 posts away from the original Arc Number...

    EDIT 2: Just checked (tried to connect), and either it's not sorted out, or it's not up for a different reason (or maybe I'm just not whitelisted yet? In which case, IGN = forum username). Either way, less excited, and more anxious for when it starts up for real.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2012 Has Been Confirmed!
    Why Europe... I'd have more chance of going if it was in North America, *anywhere* in North America, than I do if it's in Europe... Although if it's in the UK, I do have family there... but the travel expenses...
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    a2 for tiimezone2 (actually, until the server's up and going, I think I'm gonna drop the quirk, I notice no one else is using them...)

    As for timezones, mine would be Atlantic (GMT-4 - therefore it'd be 5 PM-8 (I assume you meant PM? Or are you talking about leaving it on all night?) my time.

    Re: DynDNS: It's been a long time since I've signed up for it, so I may not be able to help there, but I can take a look and see if any memories are jogged. It could also be that my free status is just grandfathered in because I had my account a couple years ago, but I'll look and see if that's the case or if you're just missing something (obvious or concealed).

    EDIT: Apparently I'm using only 1 of my 2 available hostnames, and I can assign a separate ip address to the second. Though if I were to set that up for your server, it'd leave me holding your ip address, which would (if I was more like my character - ie: 'a capable programmer/hacker' - and more evil) leave you open to hacking, but now that I think about it, one additional person having the IP and the rest using a URL to connect is probably infinitely better/safer than everyone having the IP... So if I can't figure out 'setting up the free service' (or if my free service is just grandfathered in) and you can't find another option, there's always that way. That would leave you hosting, but using my DynDNS setup on my non-existent dime (as in both 'I don't have' and 'it doesn't cost'). The only other thing would be that if I wanted to I could un-make the hostname, but given I'm a nice guy and the server is something I'm highly interested in, I'd be less likely to do that than I would consume human waste.

    EDIT 2: Turns out (if wikipedia and the fact that there doesn't appear to be a free option on the page anymore can be trusted) that my free status is grandfathered... So the options appear to be 'find another free dns service', 'give everyone your IP address', or what I suggested in the previous edit.

    EDIT 3: or pay for the service.

    EDIT 4: Just found a list of free DNS providers, if you don't feel comfortable with any of the above options.


    Apparently not all free, but it's easy to tell which are and which aren't.
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    Quote from TForge13

    Just checked this out, and it looks like it's not actually free. You can get a 14 day free trial, but that's it. Any other ideas?\


    ii u2e iit

    and ii have never paiid for iit

    iin my liife

    you ju2t need two know where two look

    ii gue22

    iit2 been age2 2ince ii had two 2iign up for the 2erviice a2 a new per2on

    not really age2

    a year or two

    unle22 theyve changed 2iince then

    all ii have two do

    ii2 cliick a liink they 2end me

    iin my emaiil

    every 2o often

    two keep my free 2ervice actiive

    they giive optiion2 two upgrade two paiid

    but iif you ju2t clo2e the wiindow

    your 2erviice 2tay2 actiive

    untiil the next tiime they 2end the me22age

    plea2e dont u2e hamachii

    ii know nothiing of iit

    bee-cau2e ii play legiit

    and there ha2nt been a rea2on two u2e hamachii

    other than joiiniing cracked 2erver2

    iin any realm of u2e iive been part of

    ediit: iif the 2erver diidnt need two bee on 24/7

    ii could ho2t iit

    bee-cau2e iive done te2t2

    and my ho2tiing actually work2

    wiith the dyndn2 url

    iin2tead of my external iip addre22

    one of my friiend2 from another 2erver

    logged on two a te2t 2erver ii put up a whiile back

    and he wa2 able two connect

    u2iing my url a2 oppo2ed two my iip addre22

    whiich ii never 2hare

    even two people ii tru2t

    ju2t two bee 2afe

    ediit 2: actually

    maybee ii couldnt

    bee-cau2e ii 2hare the computer wiith other people

    and ii never know when iim able two get online

    or have a 2erver runniing
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    ii would recommend u2iing a dn2 2erviice like dyndn2.org (that's dns, and dyndns.org, if I take a moment to break from sol's quirk and make sure you don't get confused, lol) for 2afety

    iit2 completely free, and relatiively 2imple two u2e

    there ii2 an optiion two pay for 2ervices

    but ju2t for ho2ting a 2erver

    iit2 not worth paying the boondollar2

    bee-cau2e you get the maiin part of what you need for no co2t

    ii u2e iit on occa2ion

    when iim tryiing two ho2t a 2erver

    for random 2tuff

    ju2t fiind your *external* iip addre22

    whiich ii2nt the 192.168.*.*

    iif you werent 2ure

    dyndn2 work2 (or at lea2t iit u2ed two) for dynamiic iip addre22e2 two

    iit2 a biit more compliicated

    iif ii remember correctly

    but iit work2

    or diid anyway
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    Quote from TForge13

    Ahh, man. I know we should be all wear armor, but skins are gonna be so important! DX
    Problems, problems.

    texture pack wiith tran2parency over the entiire armor (except maybe a couple pixel2 two 2how what armor cla22 each player ii2 weariing) and (iif po22iible) a muted enchant-glow, dii2tr2ibuted two all player2?

    that could work for 2ure

    iif everyone would agree two u2e the pack

    and iif 2omeone know2 how two change the enchant-glow
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    that would bee niice

    probably take 2ome effort though

    on the part of the admiin

    2ettiing up all tho2e u2er group2 and text code2
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    work2 for me, ii'll bee happy two ju2t bee iinvolved iin thii2 endeavor.
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    posted a message on Minecraftstuck!
    Quote from TForge13


    Would have been my answer, but I half-forgot about this thread and someone else snapped it up. Since I have skins for all A2 trolls and B1 kids, though, I can take

    Quote from TForge13



    Quote from TForge13


    ii mu2t a2k though

    would ii bee playiing normal 2ollux

    0r d00med s0llux?
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