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    posted a message on Hidden Lava in the nether? Ugh... T_T
    Quote from Sambaru

    I think it's great. Makes mining a lot harder in the nether (as it should be).
    Just make some decent armour, and you can survive lava, easily.

    Great, the "Unplayable means fun" crowd again...

    Anyway. You're missing the point. Armor has nothing to do with this. I don't die in the lava. I know how to run away. But then there's a lava mess everywhere and it. DOESN'T. GO. AWAY.

    It's just needlessly irritating, and I don't think irritating is fun in any way.
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    posted a message on Hidden Lava in the nether? Ugh... T_T
    I wouldn't say I hate those things, but damn do they can mess your Quarz mining big time. Was that really necessary?

    I mean, the hidden lava, coupled with the insane speed lava now spreads in the nether AND the way lava doesn't go away when you remove its source block (or goes away REALLY slowly) makes digging through the nether a nightmare.

    Basically, one mistake and you're screwed. Lava's everywhere and you can't stop it unless you cheated some water blocks in your inventory.

    What's everyone opinion of that?
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    posted a message on 1.5 animals escapeing
    Holy mother of ­.

    Why is this dumb glitch returning after being completely fixed in 1.4??
    I really respect mojang and all, but how the heck can such obvious and annoying bugs keep returning?
    As a developer myself, I can't even begin to understand how they'd alter the behavior of mob collision detection in a REDSTONE UPDATE and not even check if this change would bring this god awful bug back.
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    posted a message on What is in store for us in 1.6?
    Quote from PseudoGravity

    If more blocks are to be added, I would like blocks that serve as more building materials. I think that the quartz blocks are a step in the right direction, and I hope that more naturally-generating blocks will be added that can serve as building materials. Digging is pretty boring. If a block is not an ore (as is usually the case), then it will be dirt, stone, or gravel. That's about it. I think that more forms of rocks should be added, such as slate, chalk, or shale. These would not have any technological purpose, but would serve as a building materials. and will also simply make caves look prettier. I would definitely use these blocks to make my cave-home more colorful (even if it is simply a dark shade of grey).


    It seems everyone always claims for more mobs, new mechanics, new redstone stuff and new structures and whatnot.
    But what about us builders?

    When will we finally be able to get new materials? Quartz is awesome. But we've been dying to get new materials and not just one or two new blocks here and there. (and before someone says "useless", please get out and let me enjoy my Minecraft too)

    Differently colored wood planks for house building. And glass for nice stained glass windows. With paint? I Dunno.

    There should be brownish and whitish stone and cobblestone variants too. It would make mining much more interesting and more varied building options. (Not end stone. End stone looks kinda weird next to cobblestone with its inverted texture)

    Blocks of hay. With stairs and slabs. For roofing and farmland decoration. Please.

    Blocks of coal. Since coal would be the only ore without a matching block. Sexy black surfaces. And one could smelt an entire stack in the furnace.

    A way to craft Chiseled Stone Bricks yourself. Those things are mad rare.

    Reinplement Sponge blocks and do something with 'em.

    Stairs and slabs made of snow too.

    A new craftable block : Plaster. Made from cobblestone, or something, but ends up smooth and whitish. It would be helpful to build german-style houses, or more modern buildings... ceilings, walls and other things.

    Those are just my little ideas at the moment, but yeah, I think it's about time we builders unite and request our own update too.
    Redstone Blocks, Flower pots and item frames were a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. Miners, traders, explorers, adventurers, farmers and engineers already got a lot of focus lately. Our turn should come.
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    posted a message on Ender Chests now store items per player, but got nerfed at the same time (HUGE item loss bug in 12w24a)
    Quote from Boilingfort

    Should be a option on the ender chest gui which would allow you to view a public chest and your own chest. Would solve the problem.

    Yes. This would be the best solution ever.
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    posted a message on Ender Chests now store items per player, but got nerfed at the same time (HUGE item loss bug in 12w24a)
    WOW.This sucks so much.
    What exactly was wrong with the Ender Chest before?

    We thought the "one inventory for everyone" thing was so awesome. It was the perfect way to share stuff between the players on our server.
    We all "live" far away from each other, and we like to trade materials all the time. The chest would have been the perfect way to do it. But this new chest is now useless. Why would I want to share my resources with myself?

    And why exactly can't you get the chest from breaking it? How was this overpowered?
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    posted a message on fences - anything more pointless?
    Quote from Hybran

    oh god this is worse than the people complaining about 1.2.5

    fences = decoration
    nether brick fences = ****ing awesome decoration
    fence gates = door that zombie cannot get through

    problem? they are not pointless because of your laggy server.

    Fences used to work perfectly in SMP pre 1.8 as ****ing FENCES.
    They don't work anymore. It's annoying. It's the worse glitch in the whole game, and Mojang completely ignores it.
    Seeing people like you defend this crap is so sad.

    Quote from tzphd

    Not only fences, in SMP if I make an animal farm the animals will suffocate in walls or in each other and die. It's impossible to make an animal farm in SMP even in your own server. I not because of lag, it's a bug.

    There's no lag, the damn server is hosted in my stupid bedroom.
    Animals cannot, in ANY WAY, be contained in SMP. They just glitch to whatever kind of walls you might build and wander off. (when they don't suffocate to death while escaping)

    It's a glitch. A terrible one.

    Quote from Marko413

    I've never seen it as a problem with fences, but more a problem with animals themselves and collision. Sometimes they seem to mess up on collisions and end up where one animal is on top of the other. Then the one on top walks off and if they are on the edge of a fence, they end up going out of the fence. That's not a problem with fences, it's a problem with animals so just make your fences 2 layers high or make a roof. Either way will contain them.

    Quote from PhantomJedi759

    Hmm, here's an idea: Build walls and a roof to keep your animals in!

    Tried this. Doesn't work. Roofs, high walls. Nothing stops them from escaping.
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    posted a message on 1.2.4 = My favorite patch there ever was...

    Everytime I request new blocks, people always always go "but what would their purpose be????"

    And I'm like "hello? construction? variety?"

    Sometimes i feel like I'm the only MC survival player in the world who mostly plays so he can build pretty buildings and towns.
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    posted a message on A list of common Minecraft myths.
    Blant lies I see all the time :

    Fire makes netherwarts grow faster. - It doesn't.

    Rare ore spawn more often near lava. - No. There's no link between the two. Lava just happens to fill empty space at layer 10 and below, and diamonds happen to spawn at those levels.

    Ambiance sounds have always been there in multiplayer. - No. That was an SSP-only feature until Release 1.2

    Mushrooms on the surface indicate an underground dungeon nearby. - You don't hear this one much anymore, but no. That was ridiculous.

    Ghasts can cross portals / spawn near portals in the overworld. - Again, you don't hear this one much anymore, but it was so annoying how people keep claiming that last year.

    There are more than three strongholds since [insert version number here]. -No. There's only three in any given world.

    You can/could obtain red apples rarely in dungeon chests. -No. There's no code for apples in the dungeon chest algorithms. "killing Notch" was the only "legit" way to obtain one before the introduction of Stronghhold chests in Release 1.0. (and them now dropping from oak trees in 1.1)

    Slimes spawn in brightly lit, 9x9 rooms. - Another fun oldie that I kept trying to debunk last year. So many torches were wasted...

    Wheat and trees grow slower in the nether. - Not really. Well, yeah, wheat grow slowly because of the lack of water and trees because of the lack of natural light, but the nether itself has no bearing on this other than that.

    more to come
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    posted a message on 1.2.3 Server Update - Disorganised Mojang!
    Our server was updated the second the update was up.
    Everything worked like a charm and our players were happy.

    We don't use mods. And it's perfectly fine that way!

    Sucks to be you. :)
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