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    posted a message on (REALEASED) MythiCraft, The Most In-depth RPG Mod To-Date (WIP) Alpha 0.1, for 1.2

    By any chance can i give it a try? I would love to i am also still looking to make a modded put this is even better form what i read.

    Contact me on discord using: miner375

    Also i am not a very good youtube but i am one so theirs that too but i am not planning to make a video any time soon due too school starting up at the moment but when i get the chance to set times up for videos then i would love to play this mod and i may be able to contact a few of my youtube friends too. Also i am willing to test it for free nothing need to skin no new race nothing like. I am willing to help any way i can and yes i hope i can learn coding soon so theirs that too but like i said i am willing too help with nothing in return well maybe being able to play but that's about it. Thanks for reading this even if you didn't have too. To anyone else i am not trying to show off or anything but i know many people who might help and i have a lot of contacts (mostly youtubers and people who help them) but i hope that you think about or consider it even if you do not say yes but i really hope i can play it when i get the chance thx and bye!!!


    Ps. Minercraft name: miner375

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    posted a message on Movis Realm (build or join a nation)

    i like to be a helper or any of that stuff if not ok i don't care but i love minecraft and willing to help on any reealm or server

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    posted a message on Movis Realm (build or join a nation)


    no caps

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    posted a message on [New] [1.7.10] Minecraft Factions Server Looking for Staff <--- Click here!! [Factions] [Mcmmo]

    Application For Admin
    -Name) Oliver Allen
    -IGN Name) miner375
    -Skype) Oliver Allen

    -Any Past experience?) i was a Moderator for a wile then i was a Admin till the server got shut down. ps i'm also not good at spelling ether sorry about that.
    -Do you know any commands?) /f bypass – Enable admin bypass mode: build/destroy anywhere, bypass other normal restrictions
    /f chatspy [on/off=flip] - toggle chat spying on/off, where you can see all faction chat messages
    /f disband [faction tag] – Disband a faction
    /f claim safezone [radius=1] – Unclaim all safezone land
    /f claim warzone [radius=1] – Claim land for the warzone
    /f claim [faction tag] [radius=1] – Allows admin to claim land for any faction
    /f unclaim – Allows admin to unclaim any faction’s land, if they have admin bypass mode enabled (through /f bypass)
    /f autoclaim safezone - Auto-claim land for safezone
    /f autoclaim warzone – Auto-claim land for the warzone
    /f safeunclaimall,safedeclaimall - Unclaim all safezone land
    /f warunclaimall,wardeclaimall – Unclaim all warzone land
    /f peaceful [faction tag] – Toggle the indicated faction’s “peaceful” status
    /f permanent [faction tag] – Set a faction as permanent. Permanent factions are not deleted when they have no members.
    /f permanentpower [faction tag] - Sets a factions power to a permanent state.
    /f lock *[on|off] – Lock all write stuff
    /f config [setting] [value] – Change any setting in conf.json directly and immediately. See the Configuration page for more info
    -How will you punish players who are not listening to the rules?) i'll ask them to stop and if they don't i'll kick them up to 2 time then there out (band)
    -Why choose you?) 'cause i miss my old job on the other server and i also want to help other servers out.

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